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  1. Ok. Some like the mother and others like the daughter. I have tried P3D ver.3.4 for about a month, and I found that P3D have some strange drawbacks. Somtimes very blurry textures (slow update) and the same with autogen. I like P3D , but I might return to FSX I have FSX and P3D installed and for the moment I'm testing out different tweeks. Most of the FSX cfg setting can be used on P3D and visa versa. Under nearly the same setting and conditions (Aircraft, weather, scenery, Nvidia setting and so on), I found that they both have almost the same impact on my CPU/GPU. P3D gives abit more stutters and FSX loads textures and autogen faster. JIO
  2. Hei I use a Clevo Laptop with i7-4790k (desktop cpu), GTX 980m 8Gb ram and 16 Gb syst. ram Runs FSX installed on Samsung EVO 500 Gb SSD and Windows 10 Pro.evaluation Build 14971 on Samsung EVO 240 Gb M2 drive. I use ORBX scenery (Global + Norway and Aon-Airports of Norway (freeware) i have tried most of the tweeks that have been suggested via forums the last 5 years. Most of them are crap. (for me). You can take 1000 equal PC's with same OS and you get 1000 different performance The ONLY tweek that has functioned, is one I found last week. you can find it here: http://www.avsim.com/topic/317839-simple-stutters-fix-for-fsx/?hl=%20fix%20%20simple%20%20fsx%20%20stutters Funny, but it is a very smail fix (it even work under Prepar3D ver.3++) Open Autogen/default.xml and cange in the first line <?xml Version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?> to <?xml Version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> and that's all (Thanks to Bojote) It gave me a boost from 10- 25 % FPS avg. and in som flights 70-90 FPS. With PMDG 737 and cloudy day, this is with all the setting set almost to MAX. ( no AI and water set to low) Even if it is a laptop the cooling fans never runs more than low rpm . Ps I have build my own cooling board using 2x Corsair AF140 fans. Temp under normal use 31-34 deg. (42-46 deg. without cool.board) and 71-74 under high load ( 89-98 without board) Janos