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  1. Yea, that's the kicker. Though the simulation is what is most important, the lack of a 3D cockpit kills the immersion for me unless I had a home cockpit. I think I'm just gonna hold off till some developer out there makes one, which I hope won't be too many years, but oh well. Thanks though.
  2. Thanks for the answers/votes guys. Just sounds like a standard vanilla aircraft you'd see in every other iteration/sim, not really a good interim solution. Much appreciated.
  3. Yea, I figured it wouldn't be up to IXEG standards. I just want a 747 that can tide me over till either some developer such as iFly, PMDG, or any other XP devs like Flight Factor or IXEG realizes that XP-11 would be profitable and that there is a gap with this aircraft missing something of high complexity.
  4. Hi guys, So I am currently not in a position to download and play the beta for a few days and I had a question. However there is the sale going on at x-plane.org and I am eyeballing a few aircraft to pick up, but the level of detail of a particular vanilla aircraft may determine my decision to pick up one. I am looking at getting the SSG 747-8i as I really want a good 747(Regardless of the model), yet if the vanilla 747-4 has a high enough complexity for someone who enjoys complex aircraft then I may not purchase it(At least for a time, these sales the last few days are draining my disposable cash). So, how is the default 747, the VC and exterior look good yet how is the flight model and systems? Thanks, Leandros
  5. Yes please, tired of having a whole group of deer just chilling straight in the middle of the runway all the time. I like having wildlife on, but not completely in the way every time.
  6. Well with Laminar upping X-Plane 11's UI and a great deal of 3rd party addon makers doing so as well I would assume that some may try to bring up their own standards. The better it looks the more customers are interested.
  7. Oh man, I didn't realize we could use IVONA. That just bumps it up to being a Christmas purchase for me now(Currently using RC4, but it is a pain on XP 10).
  8. We will have two Maddogs here soon. Love the Rotate, but I am curious about how this new one will stack up(Looks pretty amazing though).
  9. Hmmm, has anyone else experienced a 403 Forbidden when trying to download it? Never mind, logging out and back in fixed it.
  10. Darn, well you have convinced me then. Gonna take the plunge here tomorrow then. Does the BSS sound pack cover everything btw or just some sounds?
  11. Well I hit those exactly other than the 1070(I have a 970). Though in most cases I have seen the recommended specs to be silly as all get out nor accurate. We will see when we actually test it rather than specs posted. Though I don't know what graphical settings the recommended refer to so those may be accurate, I mean XPX can be a beast if you set everything to full. As long as I can run high settings I will be happy.
  12. My solution is for WED to have some changes. Particular objects such as a taxiway or a specific sized gate would automatically be recognized by a program like this as a ground route or a parking position(If toggled as an option) for AI and the like(Hard for me to explain, but there should be no reason to set a route unless you are trying to make it work in a particular way. Custom objects would be a problem though). It doesn't have to be fairly complex as to what particular taxiway/stand/etc it may be, but just something rudimentary. Laminar also needs to address this with higher quality control for airports(From 3rd parties on the gateway) as well, promote redesigning of older airports to include ground routes and the like. Having 3rd party developers take on such a task is just a slow process unless airport designers start upping the quality. X-Life being free is also a problem imo, this is an ongoing and time consuming task where more funds could be alloted to manpower. It's not like the Deluxe edition is expensive anyway. I see Laminar addressing AI and ATC before X-Life is finished, I hope X-Life picks up more interest and airport designers before then though.
  13. Not to mention the probable far less work put into upgrading this existing product than it was to create V1 and we still end up with a high price that is a discount. I appreciate the work they do, but to me this is just a bit greedy for something that isn't all that new. I mean look at other developers who go through considerable changes with their products yet still end up giving them out for free(SSG). I'm fine with paying for an upgrade, but $25 dollars sounds acceptable for an upgrade while still maintaining the high price point for new customers does it not?
  14. That's the problem, 25 airports in how long? That and some of them are payware only and not included in those found on the gateway. I love the project, but they really need some help outside of JAR if they ever want to get anywhere soon. It is just an addon made for the long run like the x737. I wish them the best of luck and I threw in my own support by buying it(Though I rarely use it given my location), but it is a long and tedious process of which I don't see too much outside help sticking around so long given the amount of airports in the world. I'd like to see them allow for compatibility with other ATC programs as well with the AI(Such as RC4toXplane or like mentioned above Pilot2ATC).
  15. This looks absolutely fantastic, but $45 to pick up an upgrade?! Is this just me be entitled or is this a bit unfair of a price? With so many great addons coming out and just getting XP 11 I do not think this is justifiable of a purchase.
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