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  1. Hi guys. Is it possible to remove the gps and replace it with the same model as com2/nav2?
  2. aaronbaird1

    GNS430 - NAV map functionality

    You are correct. Calling it useless for VFR flight was uncalled for and not factually accurate. I suppose I was a little frustrated. The "direct to" and nearest screen are very useful for VFR flying. However, navigating VFR using the map view is not realistic since I cannot see the boundaries of different airspace. I appreciate your reply and look forward to whatever capabilities you add in the future. I can provide a screenshot of my map view if it will help. -Aaron Baird
  3. aaronbaird1

    GNS430 - NAV map functionality

    anyone? -Aaron Baird
  4. aaronbaird1

    GNS430 - NAV map functionality

    I just double checked the capabilities of the real GNS 430 and the CLR button on the map screen toggles 3 items, roads, airspace, and airports. Since i can see class B airspace and airports i should be able to see class c and d airspace too correct?
  5. Hello, I just purchased and setup the GNS 430/530 with data from realnav and I just wanted to make sure I am not experiencing issues with my installation. On the NAV section map screen (second screen from the left), the CLR button does not work. I should be able to toggle different map layers by pressing the CLR button. For example roads, different airspace, etc... It should get progressively less detailed with each press until it cycles around and shows everything again. Right now when i press the CLR button nothing happens and as such i cannot see the boundaries of any airspace other than class B. The CRSR button does not work. I should be able to press this button to get a cursor, and then twist the knobs to move it over different airspace to see the information about the airspace. The CRSR button also does nothing when I press it. Is there something wrong with my installation or is this functionality not included. I searched the main website but couldn't find any documentation on these functions. If its not included it makes the GPS pretty useless for VFR flight, which is what I am currently using it for. -Aaron Baird