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  1. nparry4

    Eaglesoft Citation X/II CTD issue

    Thanks for activating my account. I have moved my issue to your support forums. Thanks!
  2. nparry4

    Eaglesoft Citation X/II CTD issue

    Hi Ron, I've sent several emails to the support address. (nparry4 as username). If you have not recieved those, is their another address I can send them to? I'll go ahead and reregister in the meantime. Also, I checked the link you shared - I am not running windows defender, and I did go in and turn off the problem reporting as suggested. unfortunately, the CTD continue. Thanks for getting back to me. Hopefully we can find a fix.... Registration sent. Thanks.
  3. Hi all, I've been a long time user of Eaglesoft's Citation X (V1) and also their Citation II. I recently got a new PC running windows 8, and downloaded and installed new versions of these aircraft. They always cause my computer/FS2004 to crash to the desktop. I haven't noticed that it happens when I do any particular thing, but it does happen very shortly after I load the aircraft. This happens with NO other aircraft I have downloaded or installed, and happens with both my Eaglesoft products, so it HAS to be a ESDG problem. I've been attempting to gain support or access to the Eaglesoft forums for over a month by emailing support with no results, so I'm hoping someone here has a suggestion. I was tempted to just by V2, but given the lack of support on my current products, I'm avoiding doing that. Thanks in advance.