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  1. I hate to state the obvious, but you know memory and hard drive space are two different things, right?
  2. supa325

    FS9 IFLY737 Auto throttle problems

    Windows put out kb3086255 this summer which blocked FS9 from starting. I didn't even think that could be a problem, so I bought a new PC, reinstalled everything extremely carefully, then a day or two later FS9 wouldn't start. I nearly lost my s***. Somehow I came across this problem that the windows update was the culprit. So, I wouldn't be too surprised that another update is doing something stupid and making me look like an idiot again.
  3. supa325

    FS9 IFLY737 Auto throttle problems

    I use the 'physical' button on the throttle in the VC. I've since reported my problem to iFly, and they've suggested the same thing, uninstall the A/C and FS2crew, and reinstall the 737 without your software, just to see if that's it and you may be happy to hear that the problem still exists. I'm wondering if an update from Microsoft has had some unintentional effect on the 737. After the update from this summer that prevented FS9 from loading altogether, I wouldn't be too surprised.
  4. supa325

    FS9 IFLY737 Auto throttle problems

    I uninstalled and reinstalled, and still no reaction at TOGA or autothrottle.
  5. supa325

    FS9 IFLY737 Auto throttle problems

    Alright, I had that idea in the back of my mind but I was hoping I was missing an option or unchecked a setting somewhere. I'll let you know what happens. Thanks
  6. Hello- I purchased this product about a month ago, and everything seems to work ok throughout my flights, but autothrottle. I completely set up the FMC, and this problem did not exist before I installed FS2crew. I can physically switch on the auto throttle switch, but TOGA produces nothing in the engines, nor does VNAV/LNAV, and the same with the standard IAS set speed. I have a paid version of FSUIPC and the rest of my aircraft does not have this problem (the ifly 747 included). And, if it's not clear, the 737 auto throttle worked prior to installing FS2crew. I've searched the internet and can't find any issues relating to mine and I didn't see a troubleshoot in your manuals. Also, I bought the button and voice combo. Please help, I like the product and wish it was available for the rest of my addons.