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  1. OK I updated a few drivers, disconnected the external hard drive esp when booting PC and FSX, but I'm also allowing FSX to load a flight before opening any addons such as PlanG. No BSOD event since, (fingers crossed). Thanks for your help JIm.
  2. Thanks Jim, It is definately not overclocked, I will contact my supplier and get him to take a look.
  3. Here are the last 4. Code: Driver: 0x0000001a/hal.dll 0x0000001a/ntoskrnl.exe 0x0000003b/nvlddmkm.sys 0x0000001a/win32k.sys ___________________ Some earleir variations 0x00000024/Ntfs.sys 0x0000003b/isaStorA.sys
  4. Trying again this time from Firefox and something looke to have happened ! I saw 2 small boxes but no detail. I have been getting BSOD only while FSX was loading and I opened or used another program, PlanG for example, (although just once I had a BSOD when booting the system from cold). Once FSX has loaded a flight I have no issues at all, running lots of ORBX stuff + aircraft addons and it is very stable. I have a 6mth old rig I7 with all the bells and whistles. Any help appreciated, thanks Dave. Bugger, "An error occurred - You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community" !! After all that does that mean it doesn't like Photobucket ?
  5. I must be getting dimmer in my old age Jim, Photobucket does not show a BBCode option and in the Forum menu select BBCode I chose member and put in my log in name but still had no joy adding the URL from Photobucket ! :huh:
  6. I started to post a problem on this forum but I have been unable to add an image from Photobucket of the BleuScreenView report ! I go to add image icon, copy in the URL from Photobucket, click add and the page just freezes !! :huh: I've tried 2 o3 times and have now given up, any clues ?