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  1. Your absolutely correct...coming up with a search term was nuts. Thanks for being gracious and not flaming me for not searching for it before posting. I will check out the previous post you directed me towards. Thanks again for taking the time to point me in the right direction...now the head wound can begin healing!
  2. Hi folks. I have an interesting issue..at least for me it is...and really annoying as well. Everything works just dandy with my three monitors except the runways lights, including taxi ways, VASI, PAPI, are enlarged with a halo effect that almost entirely obscures the runway at night. If I shrink the window FSX is running in they look perfect. I almost always use windowed mode. But even in full screen it does the same thing. Is this a scaling issue? Something I've messed up with the surround config? The knot on my head from mashing it on the desk is getting sore...any ideas? Im using a 970 GTX with the latest drivers. I remember an older post about the same thing and recommending an older driver (314.22). However that driver wont install for the 970. Jon Van Meter