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  1. Come on mods delete this please. It's already broken our hearts now its turning into pmdg bashing 🙁
  2. We are...i guess it's economy of scale and offsetting of initial development costs for the other platforms which have repayed that cost? Doesn't seem fair for all platforms to not reap that benefit. Of course we could choose not to buy but it's so difficult 😂
  3. Aha cool...i didn't appreciate hardware prices had gone up. Fingers crossed I can get my airbus thrust levers for rrp!
  4. Useful info but not a sale/bargain. Is there another forum for this info?
  5. Aha. I didn't get the joke, sorry! I hope they were gracious about taking the trainers back with the toe section cut off so they fit better! What was the guys actual problem?
  6. Indeed. Considering I've worked on mini computers where I've been programming onto punch tape, put several pc's together for friends, made token ring cables etc I still wouldnt be taking side cutters to a pcb. Just saying it's not on to be mocking the guy for not wanting to do so. We all have different abilities and comfort levels. Let's be nice on here..we all love flight simulations 😀
  7. I've got to say I wouldn't be keen cutting a pcb so can't blame them wanting to return it. Many years since I've put a stick in but they were all the same length back then.
  8. https://secure.simmarket.com/drzewiecki-design-polish-airports-vol1-x-(v4)-fsx-p3d.phtml Fantastic airports these...Good on the Dev. P3d and x plane 11 too
  9. Jetstream Design KLIT little rock free until the 26th through Simmarket. 👍
  10. SLC is great!! Been waiting for a discount for a while to pick it up. Thanks!
  11. Literally the best scenery designer out there IMHO. Great performance for a lot of detail and wonderful texturing.
  12. Agh and I didn't stay off the website. It's a bargain at the price of a good can of craft beer!
  13. No I didn't open the link. I find it bestnfor my wallet to stay off Orbx website especially during sale time 😂
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