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  1. I bought CS Weapons a while back for FSX and at the time I just didn't have enough knowledge (or patience if I'm honest) to really get much out of it so I put it aside. In the meantime I started using P3D and this is now my main sim where I have most of my addons. I've since returned to CS Weapons (bit bored in a holiday so decided to play with it on a whim) and am actualy having a great time trying it out using FSX SE (which I reinstalled for the purpose) - I've been arming planes, but also had limited sucess arming ships (limited functionality but a hoot), and other flying craft like a USS Enterprise (Star Trek) I found on Simviation ec... I don't really want to keep running FSX SE as well as P3D - it all gets too complex/big - so I'd really like to install CS Weapons on my main sim which is P3D v3. I'm not sure if it works/if any tweaks are necessary to get it to work on P3D v3 and wondered if anyone has the expertise to help me?. Many thanks jason