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  1. captrem

    Falcon FA50 EX is out

    So far I have identified the following issues that hopefully Carenado will correct. I have spent only a little hour flying it mostly handling. Systems display: Hydraulic Pressure is stuck at 3000 PSI (even in Cold and Dark) and HYD QTY is RED (low level) It seems like this is a picture and note a gauge. But the other info on that display are working fine. FMS: the way the FMS works is very frustrating. I am unable to do DIRECT TO except to AIRPORTS. WHen I load a procedure I cannot select a DIR TO to any of the waypoint in this procedure, it just gives me DIR TO destination Airport. I admit I have not had time to play much with the FMS but I beleived I knew how a DIR TO function is supposed to operate... WINGFLEX not working even under high G load. Graphically/texture wise, It's amazing, it feels like the real one! If other users have identified more issues, we can maybe compile them all here in the hope that Carenado will read this forum and release an update in a near future.
  2. captrem

    Falcon FA50 EX is out

    The Carenado 50EX is modelled after the actual Collins Proline 4 -> Pro Line 21 STC . Main advantage is FAN1/A, ADS-B and SBAS but also Synthetic Vision, Graphic Weather, Jepp charts, camera but these are not modelled on the carenado version.
  3. captrem

    Falcon FA50 EX is out

    I have not seen any LITE version. Doing a quick flight test now. AP is doing a good job so far and handling qualities are pretty good. I am quite satisfied but I have not yet explored SOPs and FMS functionalities except the direct To. But my first impression it is way better than the hawker and S550, the other carenado jets I have. I absolutely LOVE the iconic Dassault pitch trim sound!
  4. captrem

    Falcon FA50 EX is out

    The Falcon 100 is an upgrade of the Falcon 10. It was the first business jet fitted with EFIS, it has one more window than the falcon 10 and a luggage hold accessible from the outside. Awesome aircraft! Just look it up! (It was also the very first jet I flew hence I am very attached to it...)
  5. captrem

    Falcon FA50 EX is out

    Downloading it now. So happy we finally have a Falcon jet for P3D with great graphics and hopefully good system model for SOPs and working AP.... I cant wait to try it. When dowloading, the file is actually named FA100 zip , is this a hint that their next aircraft will be the Falcon 100? That would be awesome!