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  1. ctabuyo

    FSEQUIPMENT by Vector Design

    Hello: As you asked for, actually I can and I will show everyone what happens with FSRealtime: Updating time with FSRealTime, (look how much does P3D use): And now, with my APP: I think this proves that clearly FSRealTime has problems with P3D. Why? Because it is a 2001 application, that presumably uses an ancient technology to instert data into the simulator, we do use our own system to insert data into it, and that is very good, because the simulator will run smoother. I hope everything´s clear now! Kind Regards! P.S: I think I did nothing to deserve such a rude tone of voice that you are using with me, please, be polite overall.
  2. Hello: My name´s Cristian and I am the main programmer in Vector Design, a new bussiness where we do amazing things for a very low price. At the moment we haven´t released any sceneries yet but we do have an APP called "FSEQUIPMENT", that will detect where are you flying and update the hours in the simulator in addition it will save your flight parameters every 60s so you can restore it in case of crash. Today it´s a very important day for all simmers because it´s the "Crowded Skies Event" on IVAO hence we´re doing a 25% off in our APP, so instead of 3,99€ it will be 3€!!! It´s a really nice price for such a good APP. We´ve had tons of positive feedback about the APP, but also we are developing another APP called "Move it to P3D" that will be 5€, and we already started developing sceneries. Check out some photos of our APP, it is amazing. Do not wait, just buy it!! ;-) This APP is really worth it, it is user-friendlier than FSRealTime, but also it does not have negative impact in simulator fps, FSRealTime does. Also this APP is constantly improved, and the User Interface is amazing. FSRealTime haven´t changed in the past 12 years. Check our store: http://vectordesign.es Also, you can see our app in SimMarket: http://secure.simmarket.com/vector-design-fsequipment.phtml IMPORTANT: This sale is only applied in our store. Remember 3€ today!!! PS: The more you buy, the sooner we will be releasing some other stunning apps! Kind Regards!!! Cristian Tabuyo, Vector Design main programmer!! We really wish you happy flights with our app.
  3. ctabuyo

    Custom ACARS Programmer

    Guys: I already had my first order, so the 20% discount offer is no longer available. Thank you,
  4. Hello: I open this post, because I read about an ACARS called smartCARS which costs $69,99 for an airline, and the premium costs 3,99/month to the pilot. I think they´re too expensive especially the smartCARS premium. So since I have lot of experience programming in C#(in fact I´m "RallyeAir Software Development Department Director"). I decided to start doing custom, for airlines which are(in my opinion) affordable and better than smartCARS. These ACARS are programmed exclusively for each airline. It costs $35(just one time of course) the Windows Versions(MFSX, P3D, X-Plane), and everything is free for the pilot(he will have free features like automatic save of your flight...) and for $15 more ($50 in total) you´ll have a mobile version(iOS, Android, Windows Phone).... I think prices are pretty affordable, huh? And of course, the ACARS is paid when it is 100% finished, implemented on your airline and you´re happy with it. However: - If you order just the Windows Version($35), I ask for a 10% of the total price when you order it($3,5), just to make sure that you ar "interested" on it. If once finished you wouldn´t like(which I´m pretty sure won´t happen), I´ll return the $3,5. Pays are done via "PayPal" - If you order the Windows Version + Mobile Version($50), I ask for the 5% of the total price($2,5), just to make sure that you ar "interested" on it. If once finished you wouldn´t like(which I´m pretty sure won´t happen), I´ll return the $2,5. Pays are done via "PayPal" You can contact me via PM on this forum, or via email, by clicking here. And remember, you´re going to have the best ACARS ever!! P.S: I also programm on Mac(Swift/Objective-C) so if anyone would be interested on an ACARS for that S.O, please get in touch with me and we will talk, but an ACARS for that system will be more expensive than for Windows, ofc. P.S2: The first airline asking for it will have a 20% discount off for being our first client. Hurry up, you might take one of that awesome ACARS 20% off. Kind Regards!