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  1. SloAir

    Saved flights problem

    Hi everyone, because of VAS limitations I have gotten used to saving the flight a few NM before TD and reloading it in order not to worry about a potential OOM during approach. This has worked great for me especially with PMDG aircraft (I have all of the big three - 737, 777 and 747 v3). But over the past month I have encounterd a problem in the 737, both with the FSX version and the P3D one. Today for example I flew from KJFK to KSLC in P3D V3.4 and after I saved my flight and reloaded, some strange things happend. When I saved the flight I was cruising normally with LNAV and VNAV engaged, but once the flight reloaded I got a flight controls, AP disconnect (despite still being engaged) and VNAV disconnect messages. The CDU also had a strangely bright color and became blank after trying to check if there is something wrong with the loaded panel state: Going back to the main screen the ususal FMC message at LSK1L dissapeared. I then proceeded to disconnect the AP and fly manually, but the screens are frozen and do not show any updated information, many of the virtual cockpit buttons and switches also become unresponsive. Here I put the aircrift into a dive just to check if the PFD will eventually show some new information, but it kept showin level flight with the same speed. The exact same thing happened on a recent KBOS to KMCO flight I did in FSX. I have tried loading the flight a few different times but always with the same result. I am a bit worried that this might start to happen regularly, do you have any suggestions what to check or what might be causing this? This has happend now on two different systems and in on two different platforms, so I do not think it has anything to do with that, but will be happy to provide with my config if that might help. Blaž K.