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  1. ngresla10

    PMDG 747 not updating

    my name's Nicholas Gresla
  2. ngresla10

    PMDG 747 not updating

    uninstall what version, the 747 or the operations center
  3. ngresla10

    PMDG 747 not updating

    I have PMDG 747 v3 QOTSII
  4. Hello I was just wondering why the PMDG 747 won't update, I go in the operations center, hit update, and then it downloads and the black screen appears, and then when I go to the version info it still says there is an update available so the update isn't installing please help
  5. ngresla10

    Invisible AI

    Anyone know why whenever I load the PMDG 737ngx the AI comes out invisible and the airports have no markings on the runway? Help would be greatly appreciated
  6. ngresla10

    landing flaps on PFD speed tape

    does anyone know how to get the landing flaps settings to display on the PFD speed tape and I've already tried the show landing flaps setting and that doesn't work either, also on the 777-200 LR/F too.
  7. ngresla10

    Approach mimimums

    May I ask which setting in the fmc that it is that you have to turn on.
  8. ngresla10

    Approach mimimums

    Thanks, but which is the PFD and which is the MFD
  9. ngresla10

    No VNAV and V Ref Speeds

    Just make sure to fill out ALL of the information in the fmc and don't forget to when it gives you the V-Speeds on the take-off page don't forget to push the buttons next to each of the blank lines in order for them to appear there and that should solve it.
  10. ngresla10

    Approach mimimums

    Does anybody know how to get the flaps settings to display on the MFD in the 737-800 ngx?