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  1. helinick84

    FSX Menu Issues PLEASE HELP!

    Thanks so much for your help lodestar!! I have managed to work out the problem using the AVSIM CTD Guide that you suggested! It turns out that it was a Microsoft Visual ++ issue! For some reason when my graphics driver was updated it changed the Visual ++ software so i used the Visual C++ Redist Installer V54 that is suggested in the CTD Guide to re-install the software and now everything is working again!! Thanks again! See you in the sky!
  2. Hi All, I have just developed a new problem with FSX. I have just updated my graphics driver and now i have an issue when i load FSX. When i click on any menu item or "change aircraft" etc. the screen freezes! The strange thing though is that the game itself isn't actually freezing? When i CTRL ALT DEL, it momentarily shows the menu i have chosen but then when i open task manager it goes back to the frozen screen again? I have tried to re-boot the computer to see if its a momentary glitch but it keeps happening. I have tried to roll back my graphics card driver to the previous version but it is still doing the same thing. Will i need to do a clean re-install of FSX or is there anything that you can think of that might be an easy fix that i am overlooking? Thanks for all your help and suggestions.