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  1. eolsson

    Conflict with AI

    Thank you for the Ctrl-T tip Bob. I will look into Traffic Zapper as well, thank you Ray.
  2. Hi Yesterday I did a flight with RC that ended at Stockholm/Arlanda (ESSA) in heavy snow and low ceiling. It worked ok in beginning with vectors to an ILS 01L landing. Established on the ILS I was turned over to Tower and got a "clear to land". On a very short final breaking out of the clouds I see an AI-plane lined up for takeoff on the runway. I then get "go around" from the Tower. After a rather long go around a new ILS approach, got "clear to land" from Tower again and the same story, there is an AI-plane lined up. Of course "go around" again from Tower, but I didn't have time do to that so I landed anyway. This cost me the licence according to RC. I think the controllers also could get their licences withdrawn for letting planes line up in front of a landing aircraft. Seriously though, are the AI planes properly controlled in RC? I have UT Live. /Esbjörn
  3. I have now used SF together with AS some flights and for most of the time I like what I see. Two issues that I have so far: 1. Had a not so good experience yesterday. Started at ESNN and the METAR said overcast 2500ft. The overcast looked nice from the ground. Took off and got into the cloud at about 4000ft, continued the climb and got out in the sun at about 15000ft. So the cloud was more than 10000ft thick. This time of the year such a thick cloud would have produced at least a moderate snowfall, nothing reported in the METAR. So the question is; how is the cloudtop determined? No information about that in the METAR. Is it random or is it an educated guess? An educated guess would be to use the precip/noprecip info from the METAR and make the cloud thin if there is no precipitation and thicker if precipitation is observed. A nearby temperature sounding showed in this case that the cloud thickness was around 2000ft. 2. Another flight over France a couple of days ago with kind of a scattered/broken high cloud cover. Was cruising at FL370 and had what I thought looked like water clouds around me at that level. They have kind of a "rough" texture, they are not as smooth white as ice clouds normally look. Water clouds are rarely seen at that level over central Europe. I think I have seen the same from other screenshots of cumulonimbus tops/anvils. They don't have the "threaded" look I would like to see. Any comments? Esbjörn