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  1. malovanyy

    A321 stall speed indicator on MFD

    Yeah, that was the default one. Well, I am new in aviasim, so I have much to explore with the built-in gear. Thanks anyway for your responses
  2. Hi, When I fly A321, I noticed that there is no stall speed indicator on the speed bar of MFD. I tried to stall at high altitude and the speed just go down, then autothrottle engages and tries to save me from stalling. Red bar in 737 is just perfect. I googgled, and in real A321 stall and max speeds are really displayed on MFD. Is there a way to fix?? Quite useful on landings. Thanks in advance.
  3. Well, even in 737 there is a wheel for pitch trim. Didn't know that there is also swith on a yoke. But that is basically what I want to have, a wheel (axis) for coarse elevator trim and buttons for fine tune. Guess that it is not possible with standard FSX. Thanks for help anyway. I already removed elevator trim from an axis, so that I can use both manual and autopilot flying.
  4. 2 OldMaintChief: what do you mean by ""beeped" on and off, not axis pots". Didnt get about the 4-way swith either...
  5. Those profiles can't do much. You can just assign different keypresses corresponding to youstick buttons...
  6. Thanks for the answer. No, I dont have FSUIPC registered. I was thinking about another option just now. I use Saitek X52 and there you can easily change between 3 profiles for different airplanes. I never used that option, need to check the manual to find out how it works. Maybe I could have 2 identical profiles, one with pitch trim and the other without. Then just change between them when I enable autopilot. Any other solution?
  7. Hi, Tried to search a solution for this issue, but couldn't find it. If I assign pitch trim to one of the axes of my controller, altitude hold stops working. This is very close to another issue I had. Controlling pitch trim with axis is convenient, but often it is hard to find the right setting, always overshoot. Then, I tried to assign pitch trim up and down functions to two more buttons on the controller. So, I wanted to change trim with axis and then fine-tune it with buttons. But it didn't work. When buttons are pressed, trim is changed, but then is reset back to the original value, which is read from the axis. I solved this issue simply by reducing sensitivity of the axis. I think the problem, I have now is very related. Autopilot tries to increase or decrease pitch trim (same effect as buttons), but the control axis set it back. If I disable pitch trim axis in flight, the plane starts to hold altitude. When reassign it again, it goes crazy again. It would be good if there was a function to block pitch trim axis when Altitude hold is selected - the same as throttle and X axes are disabled. Any solution?? Cheers, Andriy