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  1. Hello, I am a student and the simulation at school is done through FSX 2004 (sigh) and have a few questions. They insist (I am not discussing that) on having one screen for the view (so as to focus mostly on what is outside) and the instruments on another. Without going into adding hardware I wish your input on the following configuration. - main screen: plain view without hub and some data displayed - second screen: local map with instruments With the above I get a good frame rate. Question 1: can I assume that the bottom of the main screen corresponds to the top of the nose of the plane ? Question 2: is there a way to increase the size of the instruments on the local map view ? Question 3: As I use the joystick to look left and right regularly, the view moves back every time to the 2D cockpit and also moves my 3D cockpit to its original position: is there a way to a: get the view to stay "plain view" after looking left or right. b: have the 3d cockpit "remember" its position ? Question 4: any other configuration recommended ? Regards, Philippe