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  1. Hello, I am installing on a new system and cannot get Grammar Help to work: in "practicing" mode, nothing happens and replay does not trigger any sound. I went through the forum to find solutions, including re-installing drivers, go through windows speech recognition, testing incoming sounds from x-plane, ... all went well. Thankfully I still tried to talk to P2ATC through x-plane, and it worked! As English is not my main language, I still would like to use the Grammar Help to improve recognition. Can someone advise as to what could make my mic. not be recognized by the Grammar Help while it is recognized by P2ATC through the simulator? Note that my PC is still not updated to Windows 11. Regards, Philippe
  2. Hello, I just upgraded my PC and moved the complete X-Plane folder to the new machine. I got GNS/GTN to work (One flight with GNS 650). However there is an "Invalid License, Contact vendor" displayed at the beginning. Can you please advise? Regards, Philippe
  3. Well, after all, that does sound like a good idea 🙂 If I may, and not to give my stupidity any credit 😉 , as you have the 530xxx GPS grey-out, it might also be more intuitive to do the same between the 650 and 750. GTN ? Just my 2 cents. Many thanks for your help. Regards, Philippe
  4. Jean-Luc, My apologies/sorry if I am dense but where do I select the GTN 750 ? Both GTN (650 1 and 650 2) sub-menus load a GTN 650 window when selected. As for the documentation (which I have read) - it clearly shows GTN 750 displayed on the submenu. Regards, Phiilppe
  5. That was my intention / I have pics ready but I only see "Insert Image from URL" with no obvious way to browse my local system. Can you advise?
  6. Hi Jean-Luc, The Menus paths are: Reality XP GNS/GNS1/GNS 530 1 Reality XP GNS/GNS2/list of GPS, 500W and 530W enabled Reality XP GTN/GTN1/GTN 650 1 Reality XP GTN/GTN2/GTN 650 2 Regards, Philippe
  7. Hi Jean-Luc, Sorry for not mentioning that: the GTN submenus only shows 650 1 and 650 2. I also went through each sub-menu settings but do not see a way to toggle to 750. Anything else I should look at ? Regards, Philippe
  8. Hi, I already have the GTN650 and GNS530 installed and running fine. I just purchased/installed the GNT750 with no error except a message telling me I already am up-to-date (v. I still only see the first two products in my plugin choices. Can you please advise ? Regards, Philippe logs: [rxpGNS2.xpl.log] 20/05/20 01:49:21.419 22748 - ] # win.xpl version 20/05/20 01:49:21.419 22748 INFO ] [rxpGnsSim.dll.log] 20/05/20 01:49:25.403 22748 - ] # rxpGnsSim64.dll version 20/05/20 01:49:25.402 22748 INFO ] 20/05/20 01:50:27.833 22748 INFO ] G530.1 - TRAINER 3300 [rxpGTN.xpl.log] 20/05/20 01:49:27.585 22748 - ] # win.xpl version 20/05/20 01:49:27.585 22748 INFO ] [rxpGtnSim.dll.log] 20/05/20 01:49:31.037 22748 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 20/05/20 01:49:31.036 22748 INFO ] 20/05/20 01:50:28.470 22748 INFO ] GTN 650.1 - TRAINER 6623 20/05/20 01:50:29.010 22748 INFO ] GTN 650.2 - TRAINER 6623
  9. Hello, I am a student and the simulation at school is done through FSX 2004 (sigh) and have a few questions. They insist (I am not discussing that) on having one screen for the view (so as to focus mostly on what is outside) and the instruments on another. Without going into adding hardware I wish your input on the following configuration. - main screen: plain view without hub and some data displayed - second screen: local map with instruments With the above I get a good frame rate. Question 1: can I assume that the bottom of the main screen corresponds to the top of the nose of the plane ? Question 2: is there a way to increase the size of the instruments on the local map view ? Question 3: As I use the joystick to look left and right regularly, the view moves back every time to the 2D cockpit and also moves my 3D cockpit to its original position: is there a way to a: get the view to stay "plain view" after looking left or right. b: have the 3d cockpit "remember" its position ? Question 4: any other configuration recommended ? Regards, Philippe
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