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  1. Thank you so much !! i actually didn't have the NAV switch on !! now when i switched it the plane follows automatically the flight plan ! i never knew that the ATC tells you heading only for approach and after take off ! cuz the default ATC used to tell heading all the time ! i don't know much about real flying ! but i love flying !! yes ! i know that !! i was just confused since i gave up default ATC and tried PFE ! i guess default ATC is so basic and simple !! thx yes ! they tell me to follow own navigation !! the problem is didn't know how to make the plane follow the flight plan ! thx !
  2. thank you ! i will check it out !
  3. Hi !! when i fly an IFR plan the fs2004 default ATC used to tell me to turn to a specific heading when needed !! but now i've switched to Pro flight emulator which i find more realistic ! but with the same IFR plan this PFE doesn't tell me to change heading when needed and i find my self way off course !! and when that happens PFE's ATC tells me this check position you seem ( some miles ) away from airspace or sth like that !! can someone explain to me all these !! and what is check position and report position !! Thank you !
  4. Thank you so much !! that's exactly what i was looking for !!
  5. Hi: i wonder if there's any program that calculate v1 , vr and v2 of a specific flight and aircraft giving the weight and type of airplane in a flight !! i want to use it with fspassenger when i start a flight it gives me to put in what are the v1 ,vr and v2 ! but i don't know what to put !
  6. thanks for the reply. what is Unlimited Visibility and how to reduce it ?? ok i guess it's Sight Distance in weather tab ! now at least the distance look foggy rudder than mesed up textures thank you so much !!
  7. Hi! can someone please help me with this texture problem?? i didn't noticed it until i staretd doing high altitude flights ! the texture looks all messed up as the picture shows :