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  1. Tepelstreeltje

    Service vehicles disappear

    Already found the thing that causes this problem. I use AES for pushbacks etc, and when i remove the AES config for the 747, the service vehicles are working. But as soon as i config the aircraft and AES says 'blocks in position', all the vehicles from PMDG disappear. And I only set the nosewheel in the AES config, nothing more. Maybe someone also had this problem?
  2. Hey, When I request service vehicles for the freighter, they appear in the simulator but after some time all vehicles disappear. Can someone help me with this issue?
  3. Tepelstreeltje

    Missing German Airports

    Everything worked perfect.
  4. Tepelstreeltje

    Missing German Airports

    Hey, I wanted to fly today but suddenly almost all the german airports disappeared http://prntscr.com/31wmta Could someone help me? Floris
  5. Tepelstreeltje

    Pure Aerologic VA

    Hey, BOX Virtual is Looking for Staff, to Apply email the Management at, management@boxvirtual.tk But we are recruiting pilots aswell We are Currently Hiring the Following Positions for Management Positions. Human Resources Director Web Technology Director Head of Training and Chief Pilot We are Currently Hiring the Following Positions for Operation's Staff. Schedules Director EDDP Hub Manger EDDF Hub Manger Happy landings, Floris van den Biggelaar CEO - BOX Virtual www.boxvirtual.tk