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  1. Worthysole

    FSX Starting up on load screen

    denizprodutions, I'm the CEO of flybe Virtual I'm not sure who you sent the e-mail too but I never seen it. I'm sorry you are having issues with one of our aircraft. Please let me know which one it is and I will try to assist you. We also have a forum on our site that is full of helpful members so feel free to post there. Matthew, www.flybevirtual.net
  2. www.eurolinkva.net About Welcome to euroLINK Virtual Airlines (VA), and thank you for your interest! euroLINK is a new airline that started in February 2014 completely from the ground up, to what you see today. Our vision is to have a realistic, professional virtual airline, and a place that is organized; plus, enjoyable and fun to use your flight sim, learn, and FLY! My standing policy, as I write this, is as long as this airline continues to operate, everyone will have a voice; whether it is from the newest trainee, to the executive staff, regarding the direction of VA. We strive to make this a pleasant experience for everyone and have a group that shares a common interest. The flight operation in euroLINK is not a large one at this point, but can/will expand over time as we get more pilots. All aircrafts are carefully selected to appeal to payware and freeware pilots, but we are always open to suggestions on the fleet. We currently operate scheduled flights out of two hubs, which are at London, Heathrow, and Frankfurt, Germany. If you are a pilot, new to the Virtual Airline scene, or a veteran virtual pilot looking to try a new airline, we'd be more than happy to have you as a member of the euroLINK team. Again, thank you for your interest, and we hope to see you in the skies soon! Mission euroLINK's mission is to provide the following: a realistic, professional, organized, and enjoyable virtual airline; to make it a member's airline and have a sense of community and pride; and, to be the premier virtual airline that is "the Gateway to Europe," and the world. Why euroLINK - Custom ACARS -Virtual competitive salary -Full fleet of aircraft -Schedules that cover all of Europe and international flights -Awards and Promotions -Active Staff -Flying Club -Fun Tours -coming soon -Other great pilots and community www.eurolinkva.net