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  1. Howdy! Descent rate - Okay, so, I recently downloaded iFDG A319-111 EZY, it was easyjet.. obviously by the EZY lol, however! My descent rate and even climb rate are so slow it is unreal, I have my autopilot on, and ATC will tell me the usual "descend and maintain _____" so I will then I constantly get old by ATC to descend "please expedite your descent to _____". It gets to the point where I have to switch off the altitude hold button and descend the aircraft myself, which I do not want to do when I am also trying to prepare aircraft for landing. Should I maybe delete and reinstall the whole game? Or just the addon I downloaded? Oh also, I have tried all the methods, I have had flaps at 40 degrees, I have had the speed right down and nothing, the autopilot still descends at a tremendously slow rate!! Addon - Okay, here is my second question lol! Does anybody knows any good Easyjet addons that are flyable, that maybe also have the cockpit view that normal FS planes have (where you can look left and see the other seat etc) Airbus would be preferred as Easyjet mainly fly airbus lol! Thank you so much, even if you can only answer one it is fine and greatly appreciated! Noonan123
  2. I choose my flight plan, aircraft, weather etc, then I press 'fly now', but when I get to my aircraft, rather than it starting like normal - autopilot off and all on 0, normal simulation rate, parking break on etc, instead mine now has: autopilot on altimeter and heading hold buttons on altimeter at 26000 heading at 290 the altimeter is wrong (normally it says a low number on the altimeter as we are on the ground, but now it is saying I am at 400, and when I move it back it says "your altimeter is set incorrectly'. All the lights are switched on and flashing like crazy simulation speed at x4. Any idea what is going on? Did I accidentally press a button that can be turned off? Should I uninstall and reinstall? Thanks again, Noonan123