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  1. Hi, I have with great pleasure discovered and installed SimPlugin Panels. I run P3Dv4 and a Dual PC LAN connected environment. I have run into two problems: On a number of gauges there is a discrepancy between the values shown on the A2A PA-28 and the Simbuilder Panels. This includes amongst others the RMP where SimPlugin Panels show around 20% too low an RPM. This is not due to lag, but a constant descrepancy. When A2A show 500 - SimPlugin show appx 500. However when A2A show 2000 - Simplugin only show 1500. How does this happen and how can I correct it? It does not seem like I through the various Radio Panels and knobs can adjust input such as OBS, BARO or the selected Frequencies. Is this correct - that A2A blocks this or is there a way to get this to work? Thank you in advance. BR Stephen Odgaard
  2. :-)All except where the settings are stored and if it is possible more efficiently to manipulate them there. And thanks for your answers about units and origos. I learnt a couple of things there :-)
  3. Well I now discovered that in the camera mode you can enter precise values in the fields. Excellent... /Stephen
  4. <p>Hi Kevin,<br /> In Camera, what are the units?<br /> Rotations is clearly degrees. How about lateral movements.</p> <p>- What is the unit (feet/meters) - seems to be meters?</p> <p>- What is the Origo<br /> It seems not to be the same for On-board and Outside?</p> <p> </p> <p>Thanks in advance</p> <p> </p> <p>/Stephen</p>
  5. Hi, Your product looks great already here in alpha. :-) I am running P3D for an installation where I have a fair bit of hardware. I am very interested in precise definition of the view point, zoom and viewdirection etc. In EZDOC I could manually define these parameters in the ini file and import Where does ChasePlane save its Presets and Can I manually adjust the parameters while the APP is not running? Thanks in advance. BR Stephen Odgaard
  6. Hi, Thanks a million. For new users a link in the 1.06 post to 1.05 (latest complete patch) would be of great help. :-) Cheers
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