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  1. ls237

    Tower handing over

    I have the same problem when I do local flight. The ground give me the instruction to hold short runway XX (the runway assigned me for take off, not for crossing), I stopped before the runway entry line and wait. There's not hand-over to tower instruction at that time, which in previous version will be given even before I reach the hold short point. And it said turn to the ground frequency when I turn to the tower frequency without the hand-over instruction. However, I still can talk to the tower that I'm ready for take off and he will let me take off.
  2. Neither "O","J","K" or those numbers key(between "`" and "-" in a row) work for me. I even try to use joystick key to call out the prompt panel and recent comm panel but failed. I use the default C172 in fsx. And those key work for other functions in fsx like in the default fsx ATC panel. Thanks
  3. Hey guys, I got a problem in voxatc. (voxatc 6.34 fsx win7). I can't call out the panel by pressing "O" or select an option by pressing number keys. My keyboard just simply not works with voxatc. I assigned the PPT on my joystick, so that I can still use it. However it is annoying because I can not select any option in the prompt panel and every time when I want to pull the penal out I need to go the "view" and check the "voxatc panel". Anybody have the same problem or any suggestion?