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  1. Found accidentally news about this project, searched for it, d'loaded and installed few days ago. What to say......astonishing job: think I'll stop doing plane spotting and become an avid ship-spotter! Jokes apart: you brought into FSX that touch of realism which was until now missing. Keep on the great job, looking forward to see some more cruise ships, if you're btw planning to add more.....
  2. RaffaeleFiore

    How I solved MY OOM FSX problem

    <p>Resuming this thread after more than one year.......</p> <p>I Hadn't time to read the full discussion, so maybe what I'm gonna say has been written yet. Anyway......had the same OOM problem when landing at most complex addon airports (e.g. Aerosoft's EGLL or LFPG) with full AI traffic (a customized installation of WOAI and other AI aircraft). OS Win7 64bit, i7 CPU OC at 4.2, Nvidia GTX660 GPU, 16 Gb Ram.</p> <p>Following an hint I found elsewhere, I replaced the UIAnimationCore.dll module with the one from Win Vista (6.0.5840.16386 version). It's located in the main FSX folder.</p> <p>I just landed at dusk at EGLL with the CS767 (an a/c which I find in some way to be heavier on hardware than the PMDG ones), with full AI traffic (100%) and default real world weather with cloud density and viewing distance maxed out both.</p> <p>Poor FPS of course (an average of 6.0 on short final), but no OOM at all.</p> <p>I landed onto 09L, then taxied to T5......smoothly as silk.</p> <p>Maybe is this the way, on my machine at least?.......</p>
  3. RaffaeleFiore

    777...erratic inflight behavior

    Problem solved, as far as it seems. I repeated the same flight (OMDB-LFPG), encountered the same turbulent area above the Iran/Turkey border, but this time the PMDG 777 kept its track firmly and straight. It flown exactly as one expects it to do. FSX default weather (no weather add-on installed at this time). I realized I had the "Disable effect of turbulences on the aircraft" option unticked in the FSX weather settings, has been enough to have it checked and here we go. Thanks Budbud for the tip. I read the introduction manual but I forgot this 'detail' (it's so extensive!). By the way: on short final at LFPG 09L I had wind 021/09, but this seems has been enough to make the A/P unable to land in Autoland mode. The A/T struggled to keep the ref speed (what it wasn't doing before the FSX weather modification above) and in some way succeeded in that, but the touchdown was a bit too rough anyway. Is there something more I can do in order to avoid this sim's behavior?
  4. RaffaeleFiore

    777...erratic inflight behavior

    After a long thinking between CS and PMDG 777, I decided to buy PMDG, convinced to buy the best product on the market. After 'getting into confidence' with cockpit's countless functions on the ground, then came the time to fly. The first flight was a short test hop, and everything run flawlessly. But, during the first long haul flight (LFPG-ZSPD), i noticed something strange. At first I thought to a temporary bug, but, when the same thing happened in the second flight too (OMDB-LFPG), I realized that must be something wrong in the way this bird flies. Coming to the issue itself, the a/c, in the cruise phase, seems to be unable to keep its track in presence of turbulences, both in LNAV and in HDG SEL modes, a thing I never experienced before with any addon aircraft (and I'm simming since FS98 times), including former PMDG products. When flying through a turbulent area, the a/c starts uncommanded turns with considerable bank angles, bringing it out of its track up to 2 NM left or right, then turns towards its correct track again, crosses it and then turns back again, and again, until the turbulence is leaved behind. At first I thought it was a bug related to the 4x sim rate, but unfortunately this erratic behavior happens at 1x too. In a case the a/c even started a turn that brought it to deviate 60 degrees right respect to its track, and only in HDG SEL mode was possible to command it back (I have to assume the a/c would have continued to turn right undefinitely?). The erratic behavior in cruise flight I described above is a thing that shouldn't happen at all, moreover in an high end product like the PMDG 777. Is there something the PMDG staff plans to do to solve the described inflight erratic behavior? Raffaele Fiore
  5. RaffaeleFiore

    PMDG online shop down?

    Already got a reply to my ticket. Quick and reliable service indeed! The problem was with the browser. Looks like Google Chrome (which is my default one) does not fit too fine with PMDG online shop. As suggested by PMDG support, I used IE and the transaction was successfully completed. Now both 777 (all variants) and 747 (400 and 8i) are in my hangar. Thanks PMDG! Raffaele Fiore
  6. RaffaeleFiore

    PMDG online shop down?

    Ah ok, I'm sorry but I'm a newbie here. I've always purchased PMDG products since FS9 times and never had complaints/issues about them. I hadn't noticed the 'Ticket' button, sorry, now I've issued the problem in the proper way, I guess. Anyway, maybe someone of the PMDG staff will notice this topic and will answer me here. The only negative thing, now, is that I cannot revert my username back to 'self' for the next 180 days....... Raffaele Fiore (It's now correct this way?)
  7. RaffaeleFiore

    PMDG online shop down?

    Ok, display name changed, that's my real name. Back to support issues, I don't wish to look polemic, but the main PMDG support page literally displays: Technical Support for Retail Customers is provided via: The PMDG Help Desk, which can be found at: support.precisionmanuals.com Our Customer Forum located at Avsim Well, at support.precisionmanuals.com I haven't found anything matching my problem in the Knowledge Base, and a search made with related keywords gave me no results as well. Therefore, since looks like there's no third way, I can only post my problem here, since this forum is clearly displayed as an official alternative to the PMDG support page.
  8. RaffaeleFiore

    PMDG online shop down?

    Kind PMDG Team, as a Xmas gift, I was aiming to buy a bunch of your products (777LR/F+777-300; 747-400X+747-8i), so I went to your website and placed them into the shopping cart. But, when I clicked the 'Checkout' button, an 'error 404-Page not found' was displayed. I repeated the steps several times but no luck. Is there something wrong I'm doing, or is there something wrong with your servers/online shop? Thanks so far......
  9. RaffaeleFiore

    AI custom jetsounds not working

    self-solved. Meanwhile, I found the answer here: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/69060-user-tatankamani-needs-help-with-ai-sound-mytraffic-53b/ The SOUND_LOD value, in my FSX.cfg, was set, for some odd reason, to 1. It has to be set at 0. Now it's SOUND_LOD=0 and all of my AI traffic sounds are working.
  10. Hello. FSX Acceleration and Traffic2005 FSX update installed. All of Traffic2005 AI aircraft replaced with custom models (EVAI, TFS etc.) All of flightplans compiled from the ones downloaded here at Avsim and anywhere else available. All of AI traffic is displayed and works normally. Then I decided to upgrade my Ai traffic jetsounds and here came the trouble. I did all what had to be done (created soundai folders, alias the soudai.cfg and so on) but I always hear the monotone default AI sound (the one from the .wav file in the main FSX\Sound directory). In an extreme attempt, I even copied both .wav files and sound.cfg file from the B737_800\soundai folder to the soundai folder of my AI models, but no go. Looks almost like there's something preventing sounds from the soundai folders to be played, but I'm now at a complete halt and can't figure out what such a 'something' could be. On my old computer (where I was running a full installation of FS9 and a simple installation of FSX) I remember I did something similar and it was working, and now, on the new one, where I only have a fresh & clean FSX installation (plus ORBX Global and Vector only), there's no way to have AI custom jetsounds played ..... All of my AI aircraft are installed in FSX\Simobjects\Misc, as they should be (i suppose). The only one thing I haven't tried is to move some AI a/c to the \Airplanes folder and see if its custom sounds are played as 'sound' (and not as 'soundai'), but as far as I know that's not the way these things are supposed to be done (not to say about the mess which would result in the \Airplanes folder...). Any hint? Thanks in advance.