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  1. Found accidentally news about this project, searched for it, d'loaded and installed few days ago. What to say......astonishing job: think I'll stop doing plane spotting and become an avid ship-spotter! Jokes apart: you brought into FSX that touch of realism which was until now missing. Keep on the great job, looking forward to see some more cruise ships, if you're btw planning to add more.....
  2. How I solved MY OOM FSX problem

    <p>Resuming this thread after more than one year.......</p> <p>I Hadn't time to read the full discussion, so maybe what I'm gonna say has been written yet. Anyway......had the same OOM problem when landing at most complex addon airports (e.g. Aerosoft's EGLL or LFPG) with full AI traffic (a customized installation of WOAI and other AI aircraft). OS Win7 64bit, i7 CPU OC at 4.2, Nvidia GTX660 GPU, 16 Gb Ram.</p> <p>Following an hint I found elsewhere, I replaced the UIAnimationCore.dll module with the one from Win Vista (6.0.5840.16386 version). It's located in the main FSX folder.</p> <p>I just landed at dusk at EGLL with the CS767 (an a/c which I find in some way to be heavier on hardware than the PMDG ones), with full AI traffic (100%) and default real world weather with cloud density and viewing distance maxed out both.</p> <p>Poor FPS of course (an average of 6.0 on short final), but no OOM at all.</p> <p>I landed onto 09L, then taxied to T5......smoothly as silk.</p> <p>Maybe is this the way, on my machine at least?.......</p>