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  1. Shaunbren05

    Install Issues

    Hi, Yes Ive tried that...I think I have another issue within my pc thats blocking the installer... Ive since (regretably) had a refund from carenado as I just cant get it to work. Thanks for your help. ~ Shaun
  2. Hi All, Im having a nightmare installing, when I put my serial into the installer.exe I get a 0 error code. Carenado support have said that its something blocking the installer from connecting to the server, I have disabled everything, Firewall both on my pc and on my router, I have no antivirus, Ive basically cleared a pth for everything but to no avail. Carenado have now stopped helping, basically its my problem and not theirs. I have made multiple purchases recently from flightsim store etc and have no problems with any of them. Are there any tech Guru's that can help me!! Thanks in advance. ~shaun.