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  1. Thank you guys for your messages...I though I was the only one with the problem.. It is already to late for me, 23:00 In Rio de Janeiro.... Hopefully I will be able to fly it tomorrow... Cheers Plinio
  2. Thank you Jude!! Good luck at work!! Plinio
  3. Hi Jude, have you been able to download an "ok" file from their download link? I will buy the FF320 in other opportunity.... Ihave already spent my monthly budget... Cheers!!
  4. Hi Jude, It is solved, at least for me. I didnt do anything...sudenly it went trhough. My next problem: The file I received after pressing the download Link is a 1Kb zip file which is coprrupted. Have already sent a ticket to them. Let's wait. Best regards, Plinio
  5. Jeff Theoretically you shoud add it to the cart and enter the cupon code as per below Quote From FSPILOTSHOP If you own a previous version of the Majestic MJC8 Q400, you can upgrade to this new 64-bit Pro version with support for Prepar3D v4 at a discount. Simply locate the product you have in your order history, then enter the coupon code shown during the checkout! In order for these coupons code to work, you MUST have the qualifying product in your order history. Be sure to verify the coupon has been applied before completing your order because adjustments and refunds are not available once the order has been completed. You OwnCoupon CodeDiscountYou Pay 32-bit Pilot EdMJC832Pilot64Pro40%$53.95 32-bit Pro EdMJC632Pro64Pro73%$23.95 64-bit Pilot EdMJC664Pilot64Pro66%$30.00 Unquote The problem is: After adding it to the cart and entering the Cupon COde in the "Gift Vouchers/Discount Coupons", there is a mesage saying that : "Invalid Coupon Code, Please Check Code Again or Leave Blank" Therefore, at least myself, I'm not able to conclude the transaction.. I will send a ticket to FSPILOTSHOP and wait for the solution. Best regards, Plinio
  6. For those FSPILOTSHOP customers like myself: They have just made available the upgrade for 64 Bit Pilot and Pro https://www.fspilotshop.com/majestic-software-m-191.html Cheers Plinio