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  1. Requesting touching go pattern work

    Knew there was s good reason. Maybe I need better voices!
  2. Requesting touching go pattern work

    Thanks! Looking forward to the update. I also noticed that "wind(s)" are spelled "whind(s)" which is probably be why the computer says "whinds", as in " I wind my watch". instead of " There is a strong wind from the east". Not sure if this was intentional. Thanks again Dave Snyder
  3. Requesting touching go pattern work

    Thanks for the response. I thought disconnecting and reconnecting might resolve the lack of response from program. Instead, it caused the program to stop responding entirely. The entire window dimmed and the Windows System popup appeared. "The program has stopped responding, you can wait, blah, blah, blah." I am curious though. If "to remain in pattern" is an option that can be requested, why is it not listed among the options of the Speech Assistant when for example you have "request" and "takeoff" selected? Thanks again for your help!
  4. Requesting touching go pattern work

    After completing one touch and go with tower acknowledgement and instructions, on the second downwind, all radio calls were unacknowledged and the program quit responding when I clicked the connect/disconnect button. Not sure what to do.
  5. Requesting touching go pattern work

    Thanks for the tip. Works as advertised. I was cleared for left closed traffic. Guess on the downwind I need to request a touch and go each time.
  6. Simple question I hope. Let's say I want to do a series of touch and goes at my local Airport which is towered. How do I go about requesting clearance to do touch-and-goes, closed traffic work, in Pilot2ATC?