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  1. hi chris I am a user of gsx photo scenery and I do have all the night textures off and not installed so still no lights running along the A45 ? thanks
  2. hi chris I have tried what you said and still no lights could you contact Gary over at uk2000 as I mentioned it on egbb forum and he does not no about night environment British isle maybe you both could work out a fix for us uk2000 scenery's as there is a lot of his airports with this situation i.e. airports with roads running along side the airports thanks
  3. hi chris still no lights does it have to be at the very top of scenery list egbb v 3 it might be new imagery the road to the left is the A45 which is a main dual carriage way as in first pic you can see wher your lights stop but they shoud run along side the new v3 egbb ? I all so use gen x photo scenery thanks
  4. how the hell do you post a screen shot on ere chris can you send me a email address please its a lot easier so I can send pics thanks
  5. hi chris I have just purchased night lights environment british isle fantastic product just one problem I use uk2000 sceneries the problem I have is they wont show through the uk2000 scenery what I mean is the lights stop around the boarder of uk2000 scenery even though that is photo scenery ? any suggestions please there is a main road that runs along side the perimeter fence of uk2000 sceneries the new v3 of egbb has one but no night environment lights ? over the photo scenery thanks chris