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  1. 181henry

    VC light will not turn on

    My bad, just been too busy testing out the new airplane Like Bert said (btw Bert thanks for your quick reply!) the white "master panel light switch" needs to be in the on position to make all other light controlling knobs work. The FSX standard short cuts "L" and "shift L" will do you no good cheers
  2. 181henry

    VC light will not turn on

    Please close this topic - after a bit more of fiddling I have figured it out!
  3. Hey Guys Just brought the aircraft today, about to start a night time test flight, but for some reason all interior lights will not turn on. i.e. the shift + L or L command will result a quick 0.2 second flash of VC light then everything is dark again; if I try to use the individual light switch on the overhead panel nothing happens My first Carenado product :( Cheers