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  1. I have a Saitek x52 controller, and in the past I would install the drivers and everything would work just fine. Everything did work just fine. I could access the device's control panel by right clicking on the icon in the taskbar and it would show up. There I would be able to configure things like the time on the MFD, the time zones, buttons, sensitivity, etc. However, today, I tried to access the control panel for the device and it will not open. I can right click on the icon and have the menu open, but if I click on the control panel option, it doesn't do anything more. I really need it to work so I can configure settings and get the few extra buttons that are useful, plus in the case that I need the option to change the sensitivity and dead zones then I would have the option to. I can access windows' generic version of the device's control panel by going to the windows control panel > devices and printers > then right clicking on the x52 and going to properties, but all that shows is the button test page and it has a calibration page. It does not show the saitek x52 control panel with all of the configuration options. I have tried installing the latest drivers, rolling back to the ones I had before when it did work, but that didn't do anything. I have tried deleting all of the registry keys for this device and uninstalling the programming software and reinstalling. That didn't work either. I've tried running it as an admin, but that does not work either. Just so I was sure, I redownloaded the latest windows 10 x64 drivers for the x52 and made sure they were the correct ones. I tried installing them and they install just fine and the throttle works fine, but I still cannot access that control panel no matter what I do. The familiar part about this is I remember having this problem in the past and it was a simple fix to get the control panel working again. I cannot remember what I did to fix it though. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I'm still interested. I do have some time I can set aside for this in the next few weeks.
  3. And also, how would I use this ( to generate a high resolution image of the ground I will be using? After all, I do not want it to be blurry if it is going to be photoreal.
  4. To add on to question number 2, I would have to go out and measure each building that I was going to build in 3ds max? There has got to be an easier way.
  5. I am interested in attempting to create my home airport, KBTL, into FSX scenery using photoreal ground textures and creating the buildings as they truly are. Some questions arise however: 1) Is this possible? 2) How do I decide the scale of how big they should be? 3) When I am done with creating them in FSX, do I just use the FSX SDK Annotator and put my custom created buildings in as the autogen, or is there some other process that I have to follow? Thanks.
  6. SniperTNT

    New Night Sky, help

    I am trying to replace the default FSX Milky Way file with a customized, more realistic milky way galaxy. The image that I am going to use is here, but I want to know how to properly input it into FSX. I know that it has to be a bmp, then converted to dds, as I am experimenting with it currently. I just need some help because it is not appearing correctly in the sim. Sometimes there is a black filled outline of where it is supposed to be, and other times it shows up, but it is very blurry and all blue. Then in this case, it shows up right, but there is a clear cut between the image and the normal fsx night sky. Thanks.