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  1. joerox135

    Flight Characteristics on Apprach

    I fixed the problem so disregard this! I did not realize that I still had to input performance information even though I was not making a cross country point A to B flight. No more problem!
  2. joerox135

    Flight Characteristics on Apprach

    I have the 777-200. When I'm flying on final, My tapes are giving me super tight restrictions for speeds I need to fly. I watch other people approach around 150 knots or so, I have to approach around 170kts and the second Idle my throttle I'm getting too slow warnings and then stall warnings almost immediately. Like I said, I watch people on youtube approach at 150 kts or so and I feel like something's just not right.. If someone could help me out that 'd be great! I fly with very low fuel, approximately 30,000 lbs (Keep in mind I'm just taking off, turning around, and landing just to get used to how the plane handles) and payload is around 85% full (I use the percentage to enter payload for the time being). I use these settings because I'm taking off then turning around and landing. My goal was to simulate landing characteristics with lower fuel rather than being super heavy like you would on takeoff. I tried ti keep not too much fuel and even tried lessening my payload to try and make the plane fly lighter, but I still am getting super tight speed restrictions. If someone could help me out, that'd be great! Thanks, Joe Danielak
  3. Hi there! I'm an avid lover of the 737 NGX. I love to fly it and so do a lot of my friends, yet unfortunately we haven't had much time to try out desk pilot with school and family and such over the summer. Overall it looks like an amazing product that is still in the works! I just want to say thank you to the people who are working behind it because I know that I definitely could not do what they are. So thank you guys! Secondly, I'd just like to ask how desk pilot is coming along and what we should expect to see here in the future with it? I'm really excited to see what it can do and what you guys here will come out with and maybe see some more tutorial videos and things of that nature; even from users that aren't help produce it to see how a shared cockpit flight may go. That'd be awesome! Anyway thanks again!