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  1. ginomartens

    ATC chatter interferes with FS2crew?

    Yes that is my solution now as well, passengers just have to wait before taxi until cabine announcement is ready before I can disconnect ground crew . If there is any fix I'll be more than happy to know (some tutorials on YouTube don't seem to have this problem)
  2. Hello everybody, I am using FS2crew (voice edition) for a couple of weeks now together with the ifly 737 and have to say I love it! I do have one minor issue, and I would like to know whether this is a regular issue or not. For some reason, when the (default FS9) ATC is speaking to me or the cabin speaker is preparing the passengers for their emergency briefing just before taxiing, FS2crew picks up this chatter as me speaking. This becomes a little bit annoying when I try to speak to the ground ("you're cleared to disconnect and go to handsignals"), because FS2crew only takes up little words the passengers are hearing from their briefing (the green bar shows 1.000 times the words "off" or "auto" etc). Is there any way this can be fixed? I am using a headset (don't know the particular brand right now) with a mic. Further more I am running FS9 with just default ATC (still trying out the airplane atm). Many many thanks in advance! Cheers, Gino Martens