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  1. Hi, This may be a silly question but I have been running AS16 fine now for a couple of months using REX4 Texture direct, however I have now bought & installed ASCA & get the message on FSX launch "The weather theme could not be loaded. Please check that this file exists and try again." I read an article that if you disable all cloud art in REX & just have ground/lighting effects enabled, it should work fine - which I have done. My entire FSX/P3D + all scenery I have running on a dedicated 1TB SSD (aptly named my X drive) & have had no issues whatsoever. Am I missing something here? I installed ASCA on my X drive & it found P3D straight away but I had to go in settings to look for FSX within ASCA settings. Uninstalled/re-installed & still the same! Hopefully this is something so simple that I have missed! :mad: Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Rick
  2. Hi Woodhick Yes, I have the boxed version of Flight Environment X (says on the back copyright 2010). So are you saying I can re-install it with my ASN already installed? Thanks Rick
  3. Do they work together??? I have Flight Environment X but today I bought Active Sky Next. I have uninstalled FEX but this has water features which I wouldn't mind keeping. Is there a way round this or can they both run together with the emphasis on Active Sky Next clouds/weather. Thanks Rick
  4. rickjh

    747x Options dll problem

    I have done both, but still no luck. There are a lot of users out there with this problem - I paid good money for this product so not very happy naturally. Seems as though we're going to have to wait until somebody out there creates a fix. It appears that the only way round this is to back track to Windows 7 or earlier, but that for me is out of the question. I also read yesterday that Microsoft is working on Windows 9 - maybe fixes will be in that or maybe even worse! :-( System restore does get rid of the annoying message which we have posted at the start of FSX launch but you have to restore to a state before you installed 747-400X. Hence now it sits on my shelf gathering dust until a fix is found. A remove/restore & re-install just does the same, so going round in circles....
  5. rickjh

    747x Options dll problem

    Yes, absolutely, see my thread: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/431078-pmdg-747-400x-windows-81/ Still no luck though :-(
  6. Uninstalled Airbus Extended,restart, installed VS2008 as recommended, restart, installed PMDG 747-400X, restart, run FSX - no luck! Exactly the same :-( Back to square one I'm afraid.... Both my boxed versions of PMDG 747-400X & Airbus Extended remain on my shelf....sigh Thank you Jude, will persevere.... Rick PS JustFlight Lite series (A320, A319) run beautifully & that's what I am using at present!!
  7. Ok, thanks for the advice, will have a go at the weekend & let you know the outcome!
  8. So you suggest I install both Jude??
  9. Thanks Jude! I'll take a look - I notice you have given me 2 links 1 for 32 bit & 1 for 64 bit. Which one should I use as I run a 64 bit machine but as you know FSX is 32 bit? Cheers Rick I'm assuming x64....
  10. I have Aerosoft Airbus extended installed too, but again this doesn't work properly, never has done (keep getting oom's). Wonder if they're related as I haven't uninstalled Airbus at all yet? There MUST be some answer out there & I don't like being shrugged off by tech support (you'd think with such an advanced product like this - updates would be a necessity).... ...I really miss flying this but I know it worked in Windows 8 (with Airbus installed at the same time) but I only got 1 chance to take a screenshot! :( Those were the days.....
  11. rickjh

    Works Ezdok on Windows 8 ?

    Yes it is, even with 8.1. Any problems, just remove & re-install :-)
  12. Hi Everyone. I know this has been discussed before, but it's a problem I cannot seem to solve. Windows 8.1! I purchased this superb addon & it ran successfully in Windows 8 but since updating to 8.1, I have had no end of problems with it & I have had to uninstall it until I can find a solution. Namely, it's the old .dll problem. I get the message on start up (see attached)... "problem with a third party software program - PMDGOptions Dynamic Link Library...etc etc, do you want to run this software (not recommended)" I have been in touch with PMDG by opening a support ticket & sending them a copy of my .dll file for them to check (which they say was fine) & this was their reply: "Unfortunately, I don't have Windows 8 installed so I can't offer you any advice on how to fix that issue. Beyond the Support forum suggestions for Windows 8, there really isn't much I can offer you since it is currently unsupported. I know a lot of WIndows 8 users talk a lot about the protection schemes in Windows 8 causing issues but I don't have any personal recommendations to make." I feel somewhat cheated as I paid a lot of money for this & would like to see it working on my system, I have stacks of other payware addons & all run fine, so naturally I'm not very happy. Last night I spent hours checking my .dll file in Notepad++ as recommended in forums, also fixing the FSX DLL trust policy (http://support.precisionmanuals.com/KB/a5/fixing-the-fsx-dll-trust-policy.aspx?KBSearchID=117883) but all to no avail. I have uninstalled/installed the software but still get the same problems. I loathe the thought of backtracking to Windows 8 as everything else works great & do not want to encounter new problems. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Great forum btw. Cheers Rick