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  1. I was so used to the older version and now I have all working. Many thanks for your help.
  2. Hi Just one question : why don't I see a button to Rescan Joystick?
  3. Many thanks will have another look at the manual. Unfortunately it was a complete rebuilt and new drive. I'm unable to copy any old AAO file as these were lost.
  4. Hi I have just had to change my MotherBrd and CPU due to failure. I have installed MS2020 and XP12 and all work great on Windows 11. I then did a clean install of AAO and I can't find how to scan for my controls. ie In the manage Hardware changes screen you should have a "Scan Joystick" button but its gone. I have REPLACE, CLEAR and DELETE but no scan. What am I doing wrong. It all worked before OK or am I missing something, I have the downloads as per the installation instructions. In the left I have a list of devices including my controllers. How do i get them to the right side? Help please as it a fantastic program.
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