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  1. Well Ben, then just reinstate my account and log in, that's all I ask for, You ended the subscription although at the same time you confirm the subscription from 22.05.2016 to 22.05. 2018. I cannot fire an email to you because the "contact" on your webpage doesn't send the message, I mentioned that already in my first post. If you're serious, send me a valid email address Arnie
  2. I am facing a similar problem with Aurasim. I registered and paid for on May 22, 2016 and used Aurasim several times. Now, after not having used it for about 4 weeks, I tried to log on again the day before yesterday, in vain. It won't let me log on. After many unsuccessful attempts I finally used their contact and tried to send them a note, unfortunately when you push the send button, it will not send. Then I tried to reset my password, where I got a reply from them. I reset my password, but again it wouldn't let me log in. I used their password reply message to get in touch with them since their contact doesn't work. I received a "noreply msg" immediately saying: "The message was not delivered to one or more addresses. Reason: No Such User Here". There is no way I can contact Airline2Sim otherwise and after two days of unsuccessful attempts I get suspicious and I wonder whether other Flightsimmers has similar experience with them. Arnie43
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    Thanks a lot also to you byork for your help. Hope I can get the SP1D Soon.
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    Thanks Budbud, appreciate!
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    I uninstalled and reinstalled PMDG 737 NGX and FS2Crew twice, exactly how it is described in the Forum,unfortunately to no avail. Also consulted the Main OPS Manual followed exactly the advice. The Trike is my default. Yesterday I discovered in my PMDG 737 folders in SimObject folder, there is not only the cfg file, there is also a cfg-OLD file. Removed the cfg-OLD file but still get SDK Error. Question: Are there any other PMDG folders to remove manually as those in the PMDG 737 folders in SimObjects? I have only SP1C available, can't get NGX SP1D, got the PMDG 737 NGX as a birthday gift from a friend in the Netherlands. He bought it from Aerosoft in Germany. Recycle the enable/disable button on the FS2Crew Reboot Configurator. Can anybody please explain what this means, don't understand "recycle". Any help is very much appreciated, since I'm not very familiar with computers in general. Arnie43