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  1. Throttle not going all the way back to idle.

    OK The thread can be closed now, I've managed to fix things using the tweak to the fsx.cfg file above and this video Thanks for your help guys. Can always count on you all :) Blue skies!
  2. Throttle not going all the way back to idle.

    Just done a bit more indepth research and come across editing the fsx.cfg file with the line stick_sensitivity_mode=0 in the Controls. Anyone heard of this?
  3. Throttle not going all the way back to idle.

    Just tried calibrating again, but the problem still happens
  4. Throttle not going all the way back to idle.

    OK so I've made a little video to highlight my problem. downscc - Yes you're right, Was trying to describe it as best I could but hope this video helps :)
  5. Hi chaps. I use the PMDG with FSX Steam and my Saitek X52 throttle and my CH yoke. But something I've noticed in the recent 3 or 4 flights, when I power up to break away to commence taxi, and throttle back with the Saitek, it doesn't come all the way back on the sim. I know of a problem if my throttle on my yoke isn't all the way back it affects it due to conflict, but that's not a problem as I've disabled the throttle on my CH yoke and made it redundant. Has anyone any ideas on how to solve this? Regards Ian Livesey
  6. Weird looking engine

    Brilliant, Seems like that's the answer. Cheers
  7. Weird looking engine

    Hi So I flew a flight today and noticed the inside of my engine looking like this. I'm pretty sure after using the PMDG 737 for a month it hasn't looked like this until now... Is there a way to get this back to the way it was? Thanks Ian Livesey
  8. Default KG value rather than LBS

    No danger of that as I am :)
  9. Default KG value rather than LBS

    So in theory once set to KG's, next time I load the aircraft up it should still be in KG's?
  10. Default KG value rather than LBS

    Hi guys I know how to change the weight values from pounds (lb) to Kilo's (Kg), but I have to do this for every flights. Is there a way to change this permanently? Regards Ian Livesey