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  1. skybird56

    737NGX SP1

    Yes, that little box made the difference! Thanks Kyle! Best regards, Gerhard Österreicher
  2. skybird56

    737NGX SP1

    Thanks Paul, this worked out so far , I have the current version in my FSX, and have the operations center, ... but: there is no more livery manager in my PMDG start menu - I have to open it from my FSX folder - I downloaded the Austrian 800 WL livery, it says "installed" in the operations center, but it is not in the FSX, whenever I click "select livery to install" in the livery manager I get directed to an empty folder - and thats about it ! And there are also no more PMDG 800 and 9oo WL options in my FSX aircraft selection, as I used to have them in my old base pack. Any idea what´s wrong? Gerhard Österrreicher
  3. skybird56

    737NGX SP1

    Thanks Dan for your reply. I have allready Version 1.10.6461 PMDG 8900 NGX Base Package FSX in my download folder, unzipped it to a temp file tried to install it to FSX, it shows up in my Windows 10 control panel, but in FSX I still have Version 1.00.3118. Shall I uninstall this one first? And of course I still have no control center either. I saved the folders from my old HDD. Does it make sense to use that file or install PMDG 777 first where I might get the control center? Thx again, Gerhard Österreicher
  4. skybird56

    737NGX SP1

    Hello, same with me. I had to reinstall my boxed 737 NGX Version 1.00.3118 and wanted to ad the new liveries. PMDG homepage says they are allready in ths Operations Center. But I don´t have that file in my new insatllation. So I found out I would have to download and install SP1d to get weather radar and operations center. When I logged in to my PMDG account I found only my B-777-200 and the accordin downlod link. So what is to do to update my boxed 737 NGX and get the liveries I used to have on my old system? Regards, Gerhard Österreicher