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  1. Adz82

    Tu 204/214

    Hey Guys, I just wanted to know about ur views on this aircraft TU 204/214. It just to me it dosn't look right, it dosnt sit well on the runway. To me the front if the aircraft seems to sit higher than the rear and the wing design looks so simple. I mean to me this aircraft could never even come close to being in the same league as a Boeing 757. And also these Russian PS-90a turbofans are rubbish and unreliable. Does anybody agree or do any if you guys have a different view on this?
  2. Adz82

    747 FSX

    Hi, does anybody have any ideas on how to lower the nose pitch on the 747 400 on FSX? It just dosn't seem right I'm flying at 37000 ft and there are vapour trails coming off the end of both wings. I guess this is because the nose is too high for cruising speed. Thnx