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  1. In the P3D sounds configuration (and in Windows 10) make sure you have your speakers selected, not the generic "Realtec Digital Output" (or what ever applies to your computer).
  2. The ZSPD Pudong airport by Robert Catherall does not line up with Obrx Vector roads, particularly the bridges over the water feature. I would like to correct this by using ADE. How do I get a satellite photo with the correct size and the correct coordinates to use as a template for ADE for this project?
  3. Orbx will only do AI traffic In Australia or PNW, depending on which you installed. It will clear all AI traffic in the rest of the world.
  4. Any ideas as to what's the current status of Traffic Global?
  5. I have an emergency announcer gauge/light matrix in bitmap form. I wish to crop a single light from it to then display on a 2D cockpit graphic. In XML how do I crop the bitmap image and then position it in the 2D instrument panel?
  6. Cant at the moment. Must wait until a UTL Power Pack is released (if ever) so that you can assign AU traffic aircraft to UTL flights.
  7. Could you possibly include a few aircraft carrier tracks and ask Javier Fernandez if you can add his Nimitz carrier to those tracks?
  8. From post 202 "Oh you found them! I was digging around searching for the duplicates. The Asia version is redundant. Use the Europe version. For everyone else, the Europe version is LOD10, while the Asian version of that tile is only LOD9, so the higher res LOD10 version is loaded automatically" Daniel
  9. DTXbmp had the same result. Installed the photoshop DDS addon by Nvidia into pant shop pro. Now had a save as DDS option. When saving Nvidia dialog box popped up. Used options flip vertical, save as DXT5, no mipmap, and it works!
  10. This is my first attempt at a repaint. I have a Cera UH-60L Blackhawk and they supply a paint kit with it. Each page of the paint kit is in photoshop psd format. There is no Australian Army repaint available for the Cera UH-60L so I decided to attempt my own. I painted the pink primer paint kit aircraft with Paint Shop Pro X7 while retaining the psd format. I then used DDS Converter 2 to convert from psd to dds. It was supposed to be relatively easy, but I ended up with the following surfaces. Any ideas what is going wrong, or more precisely, how do I correct it?
  11. Cloudflare claims its up when it down. https://www.cloudflare.com/network-map Seems they are getting a lot of DNS attacks.
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