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  1. Ok, Ill give that a try. I just realised i am using a non-PMDG one for that window (L:ngx_VSwindow) which is probably why. I will try again later. Thanks again for all your help
  2. Yes i have enabled them and they all work fine except the VS one which does not show negative numbers. I am guessing this is a PMDG thing MSFS
  3. I am using the PMDG variable for a number of the items on the gauge but the vertical speed one does not appear to work for negative numbers
  4. Hi, It makes no difference if the up arrow is used to rescale or by hovering over the size dimensions in the display virtual instruments window. The effect is the same. Over the past couple of days I have managed to make a fully working PMDG MCP panel (with the exception of getting negative values for the vertical speed which I can't find a variable for) and I am so impressed with the software. Out of interest, if I wanted to post my desktop gauge code and images for others to use where would be the best place to do so?
  5. Hi, Have noticed something that I think may be a bug but could also be user error. When an instrument is scaled either in the desktop instruments form (or by adjusting the corners of the form) the cursor for an area does not adjust / resize along with the rest of the form. The area continues to work and the click events are all still activated in the correct place but the cursor moves / disappears depending on how much the instrument is reduced in size So for instance, if the area defined below is defining an area on an instrument 500 x 200 in size and over an image of a button you would expect the area and associated cursor to be active in the top left of the instrument. Reduce the size of the instrument by 50% and the click event still happens over the rescaled button but the cursor will have moved relative to the button and still appears to be around 100 pixels in from the left not he 50 you would expect. hope this makes sense. <!-- C/O button interaction areas --> <Area> <Area> <Cursor Type="UpArrow" /> <Position X="100" Y="50"/> <Size X="50" Y="50"/> <Click Event="38301 (>K:ROTOR_BRAKE)" Repeat="No" /> </Area> </Area> Thanks in advance, let me know if you need more information
  6. Thank you so much for the quick reply, this kind of support is amazing 🙂 When you refer to the 'specs' are you referring to Microsoft SDK specifications or is there another reference that I should use. A link would be really good if you have one BTW, you fixed my problem, thanks again
  7. Hi, I have a strange problem I cant resolve. The variable for the MSFS PMDG heading window (L:ngx_HDGwindow,Number) works just fine in the Observe Variables window but when I include it in a guage XML script as per below it makes the desktop FIP window loads as just a black window and the application hangs. Can you advise where I am going wrong? <Element> <Position X="570" Y="66"/> <GaugeText> <FontFace>Bahnschrift Semi-Bold</FontFace> <FontHeight>40</FontHeight> <FontColor>0xfbf8f4</FontColor> <HorizontalAlign>Right</HorizontalAlign> <Value>%(L:ngx_HDGwindow,String)%</Value> </GaugeText> </Element> Thanks in advance I have also tried <Value>%(L:ngx_HDGwindow,Number)%</Value> which also works in the observe window but not in the gauge xml This is not restricted to just this variable I cant seam to get any L: type variables to work in the gauge XML
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