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  1. zled

    SayIt Errors and Issues

    Dave, I have followed your suggestion, Deleted the second folder When applying the update I noticed that it made the C:/Pilot2ATC_200/Pilot2ATC_200 folder I manually adjusted to C:/Pilot2ATC before activating the exec update so it would install to root folder . Appears all is working well :wink: My bad for not noticing this last time. Thank you for your prompt service to all your customers, this is indeed a complex piece of software and helps to keep the gray matter alive.......... Cheers, John
  2. zled

    SayIt Errors and Issues

    Thank,s for the prompt response and advise Dave, I did the upgrade to 2014 as suggested now after a few hiccups everything seems to work OK! I started P2ATC but still no yellow phrases after restarting a few times with no result I found that the update had installed as a second folder IE: c:/Pilot2ATC_200/ Pilot2ATC_200/ which looked like having 2 instillation's the original 2013 with 2014 inside without the data file so all I have done to get it working was copy the data from 2013 to 2014 folder and it,s working not sure if that was how it should have been fixed but you can advise me on alternative. (hope you can follow my attempt at explaining) I have deleted nothing just left the folder,s as they are just copied over the data file. Not sure how or what file or attachment to send you for verification. Regards, John
  3. zled

    SayIt Errors and Issues

    Hi Dave, I have a problem with loading and speech assistant missing grammar text. Pilot2ACT 2016 v - Win 10 64bit ugraded to latest ver..- Xplane,FSX,P3D Using any sim, started first. On loading P2A map is missing 2nd 3rd load it appears, other items appear normal IE. load waypoints open config etc: connects to sim ok showing connected, recognition , grammar loaded blue. Flight plan loads validates and filed, first waypoint red. Then bring up speech assistant white boxes req,info,report shows relivent item in 2nd box but no yellow grammar appears on selection of any item. Spoken requests not recognized either! Grammar helper has given up as well now, before I could get some response from voice recognition but no text prashes appeared. I am reluctant to delete and reinstall program ( lose reg key) or update to until I get some advise on what maybe the cause IE: Win10 latest ver or something going on with my comp as while I type this note P2ATC opens up even though I have exited out very strange first time for that one. I have searched forum for any clues but this seems a problem at my end. Regards, John