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  1. Are there any config/data files associated with Mindstar that I could somehow reset to their initial state?
  2. I had made no changes at all on the computer between the last time it worked (the day before) and when it started crashing. No, I had my default start up my A2A C172, not the F22. It had been working for at least a couple of years (since I first purchased the Mindstar GPS). But even when I start P3D with the default F22, it makes no difference. As soon as I try to load the C172 with Mindstar, P3D crashes. If I load the C172 without Mindstar enabled, it doesn't crash.
  3. P3D v3 started crashing for me today when I try to load an A2A C172 with Mindstar GNS430. It has been running fine for a couple of years until today. The C172 without Mindstar loads fine. I'm running Windows 10. Any idea how to fix this?