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  1. I presume using the Migration Tool is also a no no?
  2. planiac

    VAS problem

    I just experienced my first OOM in a while which occurred when landing at EGLL. it was probably to do with london scenery etc. I was only using the UK2000 VFR scenery EGLL as well so a little disappointing. She seems to work fine in most other places though so not to big of a deal.
  3. planiac

    VAS problem

    Right, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that my VAS issue has been fixed as a result of turning ShaderCache off. I did my second successful (no OOM) flight tonight. Granted VAS levels were high - 3.2GB on ground at EGKK then ending with around 3.6GB at EGPK - but no windows alert tones and, best of all no OOM. I will continue to monitor things, but I'm fairly happy that things are on the mend. Like Alex, I've also noticed a strange FPS increase to 50 in some cases externally with 30-35 interior. Perhaps another result of the ShaderCache fix? My two theories for why shes working now are as follows: A) Maybe just maybe the sim encountered some adjustment time to the new aircraft? Is this even possible? If so perhaps after a few days of running in she now performs better. This is the most 'out there' theory, but maybe there is some science to back it up? B) ShaderCache off - simple. I think this is most likely give I noticed improvements immediately after applying this option. P.S Alex, did you try the ShaderCache off? Dan
  4. planiac

    issue entering v speeds

    Have you accepted the gross weight input? if you see a '>' next to gross weight then you need to accept it by clicking the relevant LSK.
  5. planiac

    VAS problem

    That's odd especially as they weren't addon airports. Then again I haven't tested performance at default airports. Hopefully it works for you. I reverted back to 376.33 after claims the latest one wasn't doing any good to the sim. Is that 1GB VAS remaining that you get? That's really good! I'm not sure how mine compares as I've never tested until using the 747. Dan
  6. planiac

    VAS problem

    Oh I understand now Andy. I haven't tried using her without scenery purely because I don't fly anything without it. Nice too see most people are having similar issues though with previous PMDG aircraft performing better. Fingers crossed Andy. It seems you've got it working nicely though. When you say latest hotfix, are you using the latest version of P3D? Alex, I'm just pleased that this thread is getting a lot of views (2600 now I think) and is Hot on the forum which must be proof enough now to PMDG that there is a problem. I know my issue eliminates all variables because I can run other PMDG aircraft with the exact same addons running. I did however have a small break through today after turning shadercache of in Nvidia Inspector. I hadn't flown the 747 for a few days and last time I did I had the OOM warning signs. So, before trying her again I thought I'd do as Martin suggested and turn shadercache off. Too my surprise she was using 3GB of VAS on the ground at UK2000 EGPH with AS16 weather and ORBX England with Vector. I then departed at which time VAS had reached 3.2GB. This continued to climb all the way to arriving at the gate at UK2000 EGKK where we'd reached 3.7GB, but nothing higher. No alerts or OOM's. Although, she was teetering on the edge we made it! I will be doing another flight soon to confirm that this isn't just a one off. Dan
  7. planiac

    VAS problem

    Wow so you only use 1.2GB VAS when flying the 747? or is that your remaining VAS? meaning you're using 2.8GB? Either way it seems like you're having a good experience! I might try this and see if I notice a difference.
  8. Hi Calos, Head to this thread here: This is one I started after having the same problem. The best answer actually isn't the one that fixed my issue, but instead it was following similar steps to ones that Nighthawk gives. Have a look through anyway and see if any of the many solutions works for you. Dan
  9. planiac

    VAS problem

    Hi Martin, Just looking at NI now and have noticed you can select a P3D profile. Is this wise, or should I just stick with the default? Also, what effects does shadercache off have on the sim? Thanks, Dan
  10. planiac

    VAS problem

    This is my thinking anyway given the sim runs flawlessly with every other aircraft.
  11. planiac

    VAS problem

    Kyle, I appreciate all that you're saying, but I've run my new minimized settings with both the T7 and the 747 and the T7 which I think PMDG claimed is more VAS intensive than the 74 runs better all the time. I did the same flight that I've done in the 74 from UK2000 Gatwick to Edinburgh: 747 hits 3.9GB upon reaching EGPH and then starts the windows alert noise. If I go from VC to external she understandably crashes. The T7 is at 3.4GB MAX at EGPH. No issues. So I hope for those reasons you can understand why I'm a little confused. Although I also appreciate that I'm being a little naive expecting a brand new product to be perfect at release (not that it isn't - besides fatally crashing at the end of 80% percent of flights everything works stunningly and she's a beauty to fly - don't forget that) I hope with an update maybe the VAS usage; if recognised as a problem will be sorted. Dan
  12. planiac

    VAS problem

    It seems like you had a Sim issue. My sim works just fine with every aircraft and I've only OOM'd with the 747, so I'm 99% sure she's the cause. Martin, I will check out the nvidia inspector shadercache. Dan
  13. planiac

    VAS problem

    Hour 8 will be the decider I think; decending into addon scenery is the killer for me at least. Not me, I can takeoff and cruise for as long as my tanks will allow, but dropping down into addon scenery and potential weather is what ends me. I haven't had an OOM in there air for a while now, but it starts when I land. To update my progress though: Tested the T7 - works fine! Actually forgot how nice she is to fly. Max VAS is between 3.4/3.5GB, and that is absolute MAX. 747 is using that much VAS before even leaving the stand sometimes. Setting are quite a bit reduced, but it still looks pretty which is a bonus. Still haven't messed with cfg files yet but hope to tomorrow on my day off. Also I dropped the ORBX Vector settings in accordance with the AVSIM Guide and I think that had quite a nice effect. Not nice enough to eliminate OOM's though!
  14. planiac

    VHF Data Off ?

    Glad I could help! Enjoy your around the world tour!
  15. planiac

    VAS problem

    I Appreciate your responses Matt and Liam, but I quite like to eat the cake. You see when I can run Matt Davies' settings with add-on airports, weather and ORBX scenery when flying the T7 or BBS A330 or basically any other aircraft in my hangar - I'd like to be able to do it with my newest aircraft too. I am slowly reducing the load on P3D, although I'm not sure if its P3D or FS95 now :wink: Hopefully with a bit of config manipulation I'll get her running nice. Let me say though that the lowest I've seen VAS usage with the queen is about 3.4GB. This slowly climbs up to 3.8GB and then 3.9GB at the destination when the alert tones start blaring out. the T7 hovers around 3.6GB for the most part. I can do long flights and when the scenery concerned isn't too intense all is fine. I'm a guy who likes realism, and to me that means scenery and weather combined with the fantastic aircraft that PMDG produce. To others, maybe not, but to ME thats how I like it and there must be a way to make it work without a compromise so drastic as to make my sim look 8bit. Dan