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  1. I visited the Diagma shop in Orlando last month. I am a GA pilot (airplane/seaplane/glider), and I also am a researcher studying human affect during flight simulation. I was quite impressed with the Alpha Panel set (panel mask, yoke, controls). The yoke had a nice heavy feel to it, about on par with a Cherokee 180, and the dials for the various instruments were very responsive, no notable lag. I ordered the panel set on Monday, and hope to have it within the next few business days. I purchased a LG 29 inch ultrawide monitor to use with it (LG 29UM69G 29IN IPS), which should be a good fit for it. I'll post back on my experience with it in terms of setup, performance, and integration with Prepar3D and X-Plane.
  2. I have Prepar3D V3.2 running on Windows 10 64-bit. I have Panel Builder for Prepar3D v3, the Analog add-on, EFIS addon, and A2A C172 addon (and the required C172 aircraft it is intended for). My problem is that none of the flap indicators work for any aircraft. I've tried every one on multiple aircraft. The yaw string also does not work for any aircraft. Everything else seems to be functioning fine. I have not changed any settings from the default ones in P3D or in PanelBuilder. Anyone have suggestions as to why they aren't working? I know the flaps are actually extending in the simulator when I press the appropriate control or key as I have changed my view to see the wing, as well as hearing the sound of the flaps extending and retracting.
  3. shanmoon

    Prepar3D panel builder unstable

    Is there any kind of troubleshooting I can do on my side to provide you with more data? Any debug logs, or specific tests you would like me to try (disabling some of the gauges maybe?)
  4. shanmoon

    Prepar3D panel builder unstable

    I believe was using PanelBuild 2.5, but since then tried upgrading to 2.93 to see if that would resolve the issue (it didn't). I am using the Prepar3dV2 Interface with Prepar3d v2.4.
  5. shanmoon

    Prepar3D panel builder unstable

    Sorry should have included more details. Single computer, on local network. no wifi. Already looked at the FAQ and following all the recommendations there. It is only the Prepar3d version with an issue, not the Condor version. The G109 (Grob 109B motor glider) add-on is listed on the simPlugins site here:'> The issue seems to only occur when using that addon.
  6. I have Sim Panel Builder for Condor and also Prepar3d v2 (w/ G109 plugin). It runs fine w/ Condor, but with Prepar3d it is completely unstable. Guagues freezes for half a minute at a time before suddenly updating again, and it frequently crashes. I have a very beefy box (32GB ram, i7 extreme, Nvidia Titan), so I don't think this is a case of overtaxed hardware. Anyone else have stability issues under Prepar3d?