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  1. Some issue with server I gues...most starting at this end too
  2. It's some issue with server guys ..not working with xplane either...wait ..rather than reinstalling.
  3. Same issue for me too...can't start pilot 2 arc..it starts and stops! It doens't even show loading window.
  4. so I was in a mood to fly my favourite pmdg 777, so I reinstalled fsx steam.. everything is great except that I am unable to important my presets from my saved folder... I keep trying to import but no use! it keeps failing.. any idea what to do! it just doesn't import...
  5. does pmdg 737 NGX for FSX has a pause at TOD feature? I dont recollect it and if anyone is using pmdg 737 for fsx...could you please confirm? I read in manual there is an option in fmc to set it...is it available?
  6. Oh my god.. Thank goodness I found this.... I installed this scenery and was doing a flight from eddf to this airport... This was my first flight to this airport after adding the scenery.... I get stable 25 fps and I have set it to locked there... As soon as I approach airport area I saw a sudden jump in VAS by about 300MB...mind it I was not even close to anywhere in airport.. It was just approachjjng the area... Then on my final approach as LOC was captured and I was turningn.. Fps dropped to 8!!! It's a terrible scenery.... Very laggy.. And not at all optimised.. I guess freeware so what more to expect.. I just deleted that scenery completely!
  7. Hey could you send me this script please? I would also like to pause at tod for my ifly 737 aircraft. Regards Govind
  8. even i am noticing this..i think this is due to cloud cull enabled...it is described in manual.
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