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  1. i feel there is relevance to setting antialiasing as proposed by the table. I set my antialiasing as 8xCSAA and 4xSGSS, and i found that, that gives much smoother edges to aircraft and guages than setting 8xCSAA and 2x SGSS. Hence i feel, the table does matter. Besides that, thanks steve for ur replies. cheers govind
  2. thanks steve for the reply. I guess the sun bug comes with dx10. however doesnt exist in all angles. So i guess..for now, i can live with that. Also, all sun textures of REX doesnt give this. only some. now coming about SGSS, why i asked sucha doubt is because, there is a table stating compatible SGSS settings corresponding to Antialiasing. So isnt it also required to set according to table or else may cause some issues? thanking you govind
  3. thanks steve fro the reply. What about my first query which was the major one as the title says? also steve i read through that post and there is nothing related to my issue. I am using rex texture for sun and not nick's. So what possibly solves my issue? or is this a permanent bug with DX10? cheers
  4. lens flare is off in the display setting. Its confirmed. govind
  5. a quick follow is the issue with the sun.
  6. hey guys.. So as the topic says, can i use 2xSGSS along with 8xCSAA antialiasing setting? hy i have this doubt is because, as per the table given in user manual, with 8xCSAA, 4xSGSS is told to be used, but instead if i use 2xSGSS, will that cause any issue?? i want to save some performance is heavy cloud situations. Also another thing i noticed is, the Sun appears as 2 in some wing view angles! Is this normal?? thanking you govind
  7. 1. nothing more to say regards to this. 2. So final confirming..what you see in the image that i posted is normal right? and expected and same as dx9 and dx10? 3. I guess in terms of clarity definitely 4xSGSS looks better..and since performance has moved to GPU, there is no big effect. thanking you govind
  8. thanks steve again for a quicker response. 1. HD shadows is definitely ON. shadow bias is set to 0.5. But i dont think changing this value is gonna stop edge flickering. That will always be there right? I am glas that now i have VC and external shadows. Sim looks more real. 2. I am using rex sky textures. I just wanted to confirm that this image is normal and as per you mentioned, it is normal. So i am ok with this. 3. Do you mean there is no difference between 2x SGSS and 4x SGSS?? there is no difference much in terms of performance and its better to have 4x SGSS enabled? thanking you govind
  9. thanks steve for the quick response. So as per your replies: 1. Some VC edge jagging would still be there and i have to live with it..correct? 2. turn off anisotropic filtering you mean? this means this is not due to dx10 and it appears in dx9 too and its normal correct? I just wanted to confirm that. 3. hmm..i turned off SGSS and noticed this. So i guess keeping this ON is good. I am thinking of using 8xCSAA antialiasing along with 2x SGSS( though from the table it is told to use 4xSGSS). will this cause any issues? thanking you govind
  10. hey guys.. So after installing steve's dx10 fixer..everything is great..the ground shadows..other fixes etc..however i noticed 2 discrepancies. 1. The VC shadow's edges are flickering. May i know why this might be due to? 2. I see a top ceiling issue as shown in the image given below. May i know what is causing this? The sky above appears to be like a darker hole. 3. Is it possible to use steve's dx10 fixer with SGSS set to none in NVI? Am i loosing anything sue to this? Currently i have set AA in steve's fixer to 8xCSAA with 4x SGSS set in NVI. thankign you govind
  11. govindsr180

    Cloud issue in DX10

    even i am noticing this..i think this is due to cloud cull is described in manual.
  12. hey all... I just purchased and downloaded PMDG 747 and 10 times i tried to validate this product...but it is not happening!! It is saying about some firewall issues....but definitely my firewall is turned off, antivirus is turned off and have entered all the information correctly. The email id, order id and password!! If some one can please provide me with the solution for this , it would be great. I have tried using two different internet connections, still no use. Every time i get the same error message and i cant validate! Please help! I am a bit frustrated with this issue, and i own several add on products and this is the first time i am facing such a severe issue to not even install this product! thanking you govind
  13. govindsr180

    purchased fs2crew; doubts about version

    see bryan.yet my question is unanswered...ifly doesnt provide wheel chocks or external ground power units as animation unlike other add on aircrafts(like aerosoft, qualitywings). So that what i am asking, in the options of wheel chocks and ground power connecting under video marshaller in fs2crew, does these animations come? does fs2crew provide these? If not , what is the use of having these options under video marshaller in fs2crew? thanking you govind
  14. govindsr180

    purchased fs2crew; doubts about version

    hey bryan..yesterday night, i once again flew ifly 737 with fs2 crew...and i am damn happy...i did a flight succesfully well with fs2 crew..i could play departure brief, arrival brief..everything is perfect. Thanks a lot for the help. Button control is damn easy, just use the main panel button and there you flows with the ch3ecklist so well...its like i have someone with me to! its great..this made my mind to buy fs2crew for level D! Who wouldnt want it! between i read in your manual that , video marhsaller should be done in windowed mode only? Suppose if i want to only put in the chokes and remove it , still would the fsx crash? Also does the options in ground marshaller such as chocks in, chocks out, ground power etc really bring the real animation to the aircraft(like would i be able to see the chokes under my wheels?, similarly ground power unit etc?) thanking you govind
  15. govindsr180

    purchased fs2crew; doubts about version

    thanks bryan for that immediate response. Still some things are not clear. a. Good to know that it had rotate. rotate is most important accorsing to me. b. Is there something that triggers the departure brief? Because when i played departure brief, it didnt play. It took some time and then later, it played repeatedly for 3 times after some time. I am not understanding the logic associated with fs2crew. There is no proper tutorial video also for button control to understand this. I am totally confused. c. In my mind, what i do is, first i start ifly in cold dark state after which i go to overhead panel, switch on the battery, go to FMC , under menu, choose ground power and air and connect ground power from overhead. After this, i switch on the necessary lights and start with the preflight procedures(of overhead, aft overhead, aft elctrical, all the tests, irs aligning) followed by FMC set up. After all this is finished, i start fs2crew , power it up and click on cfg, and choose that T+30 (default ) value to T+15(is this step correct so that i can immediately start departure?). Now after this, how does fs2crew starts the checklist? How can i start the checklist? these things are still big confusion for me? could you plese give step by step in how to go on from here. Without these explanations, i dont think i can use fs2crew well. thanking you govind