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  1. bellimar

    P3D 2.5 ORBX Global Base stop loading 19-20%

    Observing Win7 disk resource monitor, I notice a very hight request of reading on my Samsung SSD, but a very low disk I/O activity. as is there where something that block reading process. Firmware of my SSD is up to date. Also rapid mode and performance optimization. I don't think is an hardware problem. Any suggestion? Thank you!
  2. bellimar

    P3D 2.5 ORBX Global Base stop loading 19-20%

    During several tests, I notice read speed of my SSD suddenly become very slow, only hundreds of B/s, and this feature block the loading process. Someone has experience of this issue?
  3. bellimar

    P3D 2.5 ORBX Global Base stop loading 19-20%

    Unfortunately I am sure. Loading process is blocked for a long time, more than 15 minutes. I never try to check if after one hour or so, the flight finally load, but I think this loading time means something wrong.
  4. Hello to everybody! I have just install ORBX Global base on my P3D 2.5 with the latest ORBX libs (Aug 2015). P3D runs on an SSD. First time I run the simulator, no problem to load a flight in less than one minute with ORBX texture. After a windows reboot, P3D stop loading terrain data, sometimes at 19%, sometimes at 20%, and everything seems blocked at this percentage. I cannot load a new flight. From task manager, P3D process looks running. Antivirus is turned off. Any suggestion to solve the issue? Thank you