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  1. HI, I purchased the Ramzees Boeing 777-200 and it came with the KLAX and KLGA airport scenery. I have downloaded the files and dragged and dropped into the Custom Scenery folder, yet no go! Any handy tips or points in the right direction would go down nicely! Cheers, Jamie
  2. Hi, I have recently purchased the 777 worldliner from Ramzees. I have tried to tune the radio to the various ATIS frequencies activated them and got nothing. I have no ATC at all just the load the flight plan menu which does nothing. How do I get taxi instructions and vectors etc. Which radios on the pedestal are the comms and which are the Navs? Any guidance in these areas would assist me greatly in dealing with my frustration. Thanks, Jamie
  3. Hi, When I load my version of X plane it states, "Whoops, you don't have disk 10...." I do have all the disks and haven't had any probs before. Any pointers would go down a treat!
  4. I just installed X-Plane 10 Home version on my new iMac. When I go to the view tab 3D view with mouse is not there, only 3D command view! Is ythere something I'm doing wrong? Also, it won't let me file a flight plan in the ATC window! Any help would go down rather nicely! Jamie
  5. Hi, Could anyone please point me in the right direction? When I engage the 3D cockpit command view, I can't see the cockpit at all just a straight view out of the window! How do I look around the cockpit and out the side windows of the 777 I am flying? When I create a flight plan in SImroutes and then file the flight plan in x plane nothing happens! ATC just returns to the file flight plan menu. Basically I want to input a flight plan and fly that route to the airport! Any assistance would save my computer from going through a window! J