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  1. JEFX

    Fix for CereProc Voices Coming Soon

    I do have V 4.0.1 and they seem to work just fine!
  2. JEFX

    Fix for CereProc Voices Coming Soon

    I just bought (2 days ago) 2 voices from CereProc (Sarah and Nathan) and they work perfectly fine in P2A
  3. Hi Paraffin I really hope they do, because it is a very important point in immersion... thanks Murmur your film is good, much better than what I get, even with your 2 files.... what do you change in dataref? .. and how do you change those datarefs???
  4. hello unfortunately, these dont change the awful IN COCKPIT GOLDEN GLOW ON PANEL at sunrise (or sunset)... stayed pretty much the same...these PNG just change the colors of the sky no? I am really talking about a strange phenomenon where, at sunrise, fur just a brief 15 minutes, the panel seems to become almost on fire, glowing golden and very bright... and after half an hour it disappears and dulls... It worth mentioning as well that the interior seems to light up more than the exterior at sunrise, which is totally wrong and unnatural... thanks anyway
  5. Thanks Murmur I am at work now but will try when I get back home!!
  6. I was refered to this very informative thread by FloB at the ORG forum and I am wondering if you have an opinion (or idea of a solution) to this lighting problem that I am detailing here (specifically the exagerated brightness of the light on panel and in cockpit at the transition time between night and day)