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  1. jsaviator

    Speechbuddy 2.2 issue...

    Windows 7...I thought the same thing at first, so I did all of that already-- no luck either... :(
  2. Hi all, (I originally posted this on FlightSim, but someone there said there are more users of this program here, so...) Having a bit of a problem setting Speechbuddy 2.2, and maybe someone here can put me on the right track-- the program itself, and the interface with Windows Speech Recognition, seems to be working just fine, but the checklist function is another thing altogether. I keep getting the 'no checklist is available' reponse from the copilot. It seems to come down to the "FS2004 aircraft name" and "FS2004 aircraft type" as referred to in the chcklist readme, that you are supposed to name the .checklist .ini to get the program to recognize it when in the sim in that aircraft. I infer (because the info supplied with the program is maddeningly vague in various sections) that this comes from the aircraft.cfg, but so far no variation of any of that seems to work-- the program will not recognize the checklist (come to think of it, it wouldn´t recognize the default 172 checklist which is supplied with the program, either). If it helps, my aircraft.cfg info is: *************************************** [fltsim.1] title=L-49 PAA 1946_1 sim=049 model=a panel= sound= texture= kb_checklists=L-49_chk kb_reference= ui_manufacturer=Lockheed ui_type=L-049 Constellation ui_variation=NC-90819 atc_heavy=0 atc_id=NC90819 atc_id_enable=1 atc_airline= atc_flight_number=819 description= ****************************** One other thing-- anyone have any idea how to set up a file sending commands using the SendKey function with this program? Another readme shows something of the format (not crystal-clear, either), but no idea if it's supposed to be in another .ini file, or what... [Going into this: no joy contacting the author of the program, no information anywhere else I can find, and no, I don't want to pay for It'sYourPlane, etc. or the A2A Constellation with the "Captain of the Ship" addon -- just looking for some help from someone with Speechbuddy experience-- thanks!] Scott