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  1. JohnStockton55

    Fuel Tank Displays

    The first time I posted this issue, I got some bizzarre server error message that said to try again later. I assumend it never posted. So I did do it over. Thanks for the clarificaton about signing John Stockton
  2. JohnStockton55

    Fuel Tank Displays

    Ah, yes. Thanks! So much to learn!
  3. JohnStockton55

    Fuel Tank Displays

    I purchased the 80-900 set and noticed I have digital readouts for my fuel tank displays, but the tutorial and many YouTube videos so those 3 circlular graphical displays, which I actually pefer. I checked the FMC's Eqipment settings and nothing there seemed to switch the displays. Howe can I get the circular displays?
  4. JohnStockton55

    Fuel Tank Displays

    I purchased the 800-900 set and noticed that my fuel tanks displays are digital readout only instead of the circular graphical readouts that I see in the manuels and other YouTube video tutorials. I actually prefer the circle readouts, and so can I change that? I looked at all the FMC Equipment options and nothing seems to get rid of the digital readouts